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Re: Cardio Zombie

by Anonymous

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Cardio Zombie


Credit goes to u/Haemophilus_EA from Reddit.


Cardio Zombie is a brand-new type of zombie that is very difficult to take down, is worth a large amount of points but also is able to buff up fellow zombies nearby them and a general added challenge all round.


Periodically Cardio Zombie will throw out Buffing Brains to other zombies, usually to the zombie closest to your house, which increases the size, damage and speed of those zombies. That said those juiced up zombies are worth additional points when you deliver the KO on them.


Cardio Zombie is immune to a bunch of stuff, however it’s able to be poisoned, chilled and slowed.


Another important thing to know about Cardio Zombie is that there are 3 stages to taking ‘em down. For applicable matches, each stage for Cardio Zombie lasts a limited time, during that time you will be able to do damage to him. Upon their 3rd appearance you will be able to finally take them down for good!


Additionally Cardio is capable of crushing plants in their path, devastating them in the process so you better watch out they don’t get trampled!


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Re: Cardio Zombie

★★ Pro

Poison did not work (neither does multiple Explode O'Nut) but I could slow it down (throwing out hearts) with Shadow Peashooters.

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Re: Cardio Zombie

★ Pro

It seemed to work in practice mode, maybe in real Battlez, it has been strengthened?


This new introduction is certainly NOT low level plants friendly....

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Re: Cardio Zombie

★★ Pro

Maybe I have an Android bug for Cardio ??   He eventually leaves the table each time but never dies.


Practice or not.

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Re: Cardio Zombie

[ Edited ]
★ Pro

For the first and second times he turned his back on me, but then parts of his body dropped off on the 3rd appearance.  (I have not time to take any of my plants to real battlez yet, need to find a reliable strategy for this Battlez)



I just tried Battlez and can confirm he IS buffed!! Teeth bared

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Re: Cardio Zombie


@eieio_31310 wrote:


...can confirm he IS buffed!!

Why are you surprised? We can all see he's been working out hence those gorgeous pecs and biceps. 🤣😅

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Re: Cardio Zombie

★★ Pro

Super Buff.  Makes me tired just watching the dude running on that treadmill for so long !  I remember when I could do that.


I tried to kill it with Squash and that did not work either.  At least 5 hits on each appearance and more than 10 hits on the third appearance.


I have yet to see a body part fall off !

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Re: Cardio Zombie

★★ Pro

Even Laser Beam with PlantFood can not destroy the Cardio Zombie !


I am using three Shadow Peashooters in the middle row to at least slow down the Cardio Zombie and that is working well !!!


Nasty Zombie.


Anyone else notice that the Octopus coverings are extremely difficult to remove ?

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Re: Cardio Zombie


I did. The octopi are also buffed, AFAIK.

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