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Battlez Streak reset—streak preservation cost NOT reset

by PhilDunphy2k

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Battlez Streak reset—streak preservation cost NOT reset

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Electronic Arts,


PVZ2 crashed on my device (iPhone) as I was entering a battlez match (which I didn’t even have the opportunity to play) and when I started up PVZ2 again, the streak of about 90 matches was gone. I would have paid the 40 gems to keep my streak if I’d actually lost the battlez match (though I wasn’t given the opportunity). I believe my gem cost to preserve a streak was 40 and I had over 200 gems when PVZ2 crashed. Very frustrating and makes me want to never actually buy gems to preserve a streak if a PVZ2 crash can just take them away.


EA, can you please reinstate my streak? Even if you need to use my 40 gems to preserve it.


A day later (today), having gotten no resolution from EA, I started playing Battlez from 0 again (having lost no Battlez). When I lose the first Battlez match, the gem cost to maintain the streak is 40 (not reset to 10). Something is messed up. Please reinstate my streak even if Soccer ball you need to deduct the 40 gems for a match I wasn’t able to play and Football despite not giving me the opportunity to even play the Battlez match.


Phil Dunphy

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Re: Battlez Streak reset—streak preservation cost NOT reset

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Good luck with this, submit a complaint through the help center (below), then be ignored like the rest of us. Someone from EA occasionally reads the posts in this , the "official" forum but rarely gives any answers. You may be better off going to reddit where I'm told there is actually someone from EA actively talking to players with problems.
MOOOOO!!!!!! cried the cash cow🐮🐄🇬🇧
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Re: Battlez Streak reset—streak preservation cost NOT reset

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@PhilDunphy2k Unfortunately CS don't have the tools to reinstate a streak. I can see that you should have a response, but not an appropriate one, sorry. We've flagged this to prevent it from happening. 

As for your issue, can you try creating a ticket with your Player ID and the number of wins before the streak disappeared. 

If you never got the response before, can you let me know too? If so, can you check your email spam filters too?

Thank you. 

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