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There are so many players reporting so many different bugs i thought I'd start this post to put them into one convenient place so if someone from EA should read it then something could be done.

Please keep them simple, to the point and tell us how annoying you find them.


Since the 7.01 update the flower animation has frozen repeatedly and causes the game to shut down (minor annoyance).


7.01 update has lost my battlez league standing and have restarted in soil league and also reset my streak (angry).


My pinata tracker disappeared in my 3 profiles for a few days (minor annoyance).


Pinata tracker keeps on crashing on flower animation then disappears on restart.

(Minor annoyance).


Tapping on the shop icon can sometimes cause the game to freeze for a few seconds or shut down the game (minor annoyance).


I used to able to click on a link in my gmail account to come directly here but now EA security ALWAYS has me put in my email address, password and sends a one time code to my email address and i find it annoys me.


But they have fixed the scuba zombie bug.


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I add the 1st one to your list.


Stop unsolicited ads for entering and exiting Battlez or at least make it skipable.


If a player is trying to compete for crowns, the long delay on one player and not the other does not make the game fair, but then I guess faieness is not what EA have in mind...


hmmm, If I was doing an EA thinking, maybe, there soon there will be a button... 5 gems to skip ads?  Thinking



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@MAGICDAVESHROOM That last issue, are you talking about extra steps when coming here? You shouldn't need to do that every time, perhaps you have a cookies issue and clearing them will help. 

And you've probably done so already, but can you restart your device if you haven't since the update. There are a few performance/stability annoyances highlighted, and this can sometimes help. 

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Another GEM tax Old McDonald ?  let the government issues taxes; not Game Developers !


I have another bug to add to the growing list...


5000 coin - I went to select one of my three choices and the screen jumped to "buy coins" screen instead of using my coins to purchase the 20 seed packets !!


This also happen once or twice yesterday but I gave it little thought with all the other issues !!


Today had a new wrinkle...if I tries more than once to buy the seed packets I saw the "buy coins" screen each time.  After exiting the shopping cart screen and returning I was then able to purchase the SAME seed packets for each time I had seen the "buy coins" screen !!


This happen twice.  First time I saw the screen once but the second time I saw the screen three times and was able to purchase 60 seed packets in all !!  Kinda cool but not good if I was short on coins.

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Another bug🐛 struck in a battlez match, about 30 seconds to go and filamint won't disappear, so i can't deploy my last one, i still won but this is the first time I've seen something like this happen.

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I know something you don't know !


You screen is too full of Lightning Reeds to be able to place another plant or Filamint in this case.


I have been able to place multiple Filamints on the lawn at the same time at the end of a Baattle - even used multiple Enchantmints and Peppermints too.

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Sorry but i did know that, you can put as many plants or powermints on the lawn as you have plantfood for on different tiles.

I could of just dug up a plant and put down another filamint but I've never seen this before so i took a screenshot instead.

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You really do know everything there is to know about PvZ2 !!  :-)

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No i don't.

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Another bug🐛, not serious.

I deploy L10 spearmint and a random empty tile acts as though it has a plantfooded spikerock on it and spikes the row.

Happened a few times.

EDIT; Has now started in adventure mode with 2 spikerocks acting like they've been plantfooded on deployment.

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