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Accidentally deleted account

by SpinAroundX

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Accidentally deleted account

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Ok, so one day I was just playing PVZ2 on my IPad and I decided I wanted to change my name. I went to the players page and selected my new name, but than I saw I could add a photo, I went to go make one but than realized you had to take one of your self, so I tried that out and it looked weird, I saw no button to get rid of it so I saw a button called “delete” I did not know this would delete my account because I never needed to delete a account before, so I pressed on it and it read “would you like to delete your account” So than I read it and I thought I pressed No but I guessed I pressed yes, now I’m trying to find a way to get my data and account back, sadly I can’t find anything. I got more than half way in to the game and now I have to start over.

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Re: Accidentally deleted account

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You could try EA HELP CENTER (below), they have backups on their servers and might be your only hope.

You'll need to give them your player i.d. number (settings/ build version).

I doubt if syncing your apple store account would work.

If you read the warning before you tapped delete you will see it might not be recoverable.


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