adding Sims 4 to Origin Child Account

by Rob Zombie

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adding Sims 4 to Origin Child Account

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Hello i have brought Sims 4 through my Daughters steam account but when i install/ play it opens up into MY origin account and sign her out of her origin account. i now have 2 copies of Sims 4 in my origin which i dont want. i just want the ability to add it to her origin account.


Is there anyway i can do this? i have tried locating a product key to add to her origin but to no avail. 


Thanks again. Standard smile

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Re: adding Sims 4 to Origin Child Account


Hello @Rob Zombie,


You won't be able to link Child Accounts via Steam and that means that you've most likely linked your own account. That's why you're seeing The Sims 4 twice on your own account.


In order to purchase The Sims 4 on a Child Account, you can purchase The Sims 4 in a retail store and use the code on the Child Account. 


If you'd like a refund, then I can suggest contacting Steam here:

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