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@Poemetra  The MSI on Amazon actually has more memory, at 16 GB.  8 GB is enough to play Sims 4 and have a couple of browser windows open, but if you like to multitask, you'll be happy with the extra memory.  The MSI also has a much stronger processor.  Both computers have IPS-level screens (IPS is the highest quality), and moth Asus and MSI make great screens in general.


Finally, while these types of Asus laptops have good cooling, this MSI has a high-end cooling system that would allow you to play extremely demanding games like Battlefield or Tomb Raider on high settings if you wanted.  (I'm not saying you would want to, just that you could.)  I found a write-up of the MSI with thorough benchmarking and hardware logs, and the reviewers didn't overheat the laptop even when testing with an overclocked processor and graphics card.


So the short answer is, the MSI is definitely a better computer.  If the prices are at all comparable, I'd say it was the obvious choice.  But the Asus is fine too, and it should have no problem handling Sims 4 and all your creative endeavors.


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Re: Looking for a great Laptop

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@puzzlezaddict Thank you so much for your help!!!
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