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Re: Nov 10 Patch - Game won't open NO MODS OR CC

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@daisy3rose Have you fixed it yet? And what did you download PLS
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Re: Nov 10 Patch - Game won't open NO MODS OR CC

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@guccismine I really can't say what fixed it.  I switched back to Sims 3 for a few weeks and when I went back to Sims 4 it miraculously worked.  Are you having problems with it?

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Re: ts4_x64.exe sims 4

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@alanmichael1 I know im late but thank you!
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Re: ts4_x64.exe sims 4

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Hi, I had the "MSVCP140.dll" and "VCRUNTIME140.dll" were not found problem, it said to reinstall but I bought Sims4 on Stream and I don't know how to reinstall- I also bought extension packs before I opened Sims so I am worried that I won't be able to use them if I reinstall. I tried downloading C++ but it still shows "MSVCP140.dll" and "VCRUNTIME140.dll" were not found.

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Re: ts4_x64.exe sims 4

@WolfyPlaysSims4  If you uninstall your game, you'll be able to reinstall your packs (for free) again later.


However, uninstalling the game probably isn't necessary.  The .dll files are components of the 2015-2019 VC++ runtimes, and if you already have them installed, you'll need to uninstall and download new copies from Microsoft.


Click Windows key-i, select Apps, and scroll down to the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.  Click on the 2015 (or 2017, or 2015-2019) versions, both x86 and x64, and Uninstall.  (Don't touch the versions from any other year.)  Then download and install new versions directly from Microsoft:




You need both the x86 and x64 versions, but you can skip the ARM version, which is for a different class of device.  Restart your computer before trying to play.


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Re: sims 4 missing

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Re: ts4_x64.exe sims 4

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@geckoqueen118 wait how do fix this!!
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Re: ts4_x64.exe sims 4

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