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Best laptop for sims 4

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Hello everyone! I’m looking to get back into the sims 4, does anyone have any recommendations for the best laptops to use? I’m based in the UK and my price budget is around £300-£400. Thanking you Standard smile 

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Re: Best laptop for sims 4

@emilyjb98  The most important detail in determining how well a given computer will run Sims 4 is the graphics card or chip.  In your price range, you're looking at integrated graphics chips, which in turn means the processor is the important part—any given processor will come with a particular graphics chip.  The best processor/iGPU in your price range is the Intel i5-1135G7, with the AMD Ryzen 5 5500U being a few percentage points behind but still more than adequate.  Either one of these should run Sims 4, all current packs included, on medium-high to high graphics settings.


All the laptops in your price range with one of the above processors come with 8 GB RAM, which is okay but not ideal.  You may be able to upgrade later, depending on the laptop, but without an upgrade, make sure you're not running anything else while you play, or if you open a browser, that you close it when you're done.  The other detail to consider is the storage: 256 GB is more than adequate for the game; 512 GB is nice to have if you're going to store other data on the laptop, or if you have a giant pile of custom content (say more than 100 GB).


These laptops have an i5-1135G7, with 256 GB (the first two) or 512 GB (the last two) storage.


These have the slightly slower R5 5500U and 512 GB storage:


In each category, the laptops should run Sims 4 roughly the same, with perhaps slight differences depending on how the manufacturer tuned this particular model.  So feel free to choose based on whatever other details matter to you—price, manufacturer, store, even aesthetics—without worrying that you'll negatively impact your in-game experience.


If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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