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by whatup67555

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I use i9 7900x what cpu core anthem use

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Re: cores

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I'm pretty sure Anthem uses all cores available. 


Checking HWiNFO64 I see all cores running at around 98-100%



Actually it's around 80% on all cores

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Re: cores

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we use same cpu :o

a game use all of it

about technical I must ask someone for you . but he nappy atm 

and I gonna nap again too :e




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Re: cores

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oh yes. don't open option to expand it to 20 core. 

a game not use expand core :o

you need stable cpu to play a game 



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Re: cores

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It use's all the threads all 12 of mine was going nuts on the initial boot up last night (first boot after the patch).


Also uses all core's (8700K 6 cores) run MSI After burner an run in game stats it reports whats running while gaming.

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