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Re: Wtf day one patch

by MaireDevylin

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Wtf day one patch

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Played demo and EA version.   Smooth gameplay and I enjoyed the game.   Then the day one patch happend.  Ever since then I have shuddering frame rates.  I have tried everything on these and other forums to no avail.  

  Two nights ago I wiped everything and went back to win7 from win10, anthem played ok and now I'm back to unplayable framerates.  I'm so over this.   /sad face 

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Re: Wtf day one patch

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wow- why would going to win 7 help for a win10 game?


i had to update my video driver and re-adjust video settings after the patch -


what are  your pc specs? ram? vram?


the game works fine - its a system issue only you can help

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Re: Wtf day one patch

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Some people found the game ran better on Windows 7, not sure why or how. I tried running it in compatibility mode as a test and it simply crashed.

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Re: Wtf day one patch

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the game is buggy no doubt but not running might mean your specs cant handle it? not enough raM, VRAM, POWER , CPU - i had to optimize my gtx 970 to run it but i have power cpu and ram to spare too , just put a new card in and am running on ultra now no issues  , i dont have the res to run the dlss part

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Re: Wtf day one patch

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Wow, that was a bit extreme.


What are your system specs? What's in the background?

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