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Why is Anthem broken?

by WeTodEdCrazy

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Why is Anthem broken?

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So, for about two weeks or more I have been stuck playing one stronghold and freeplay. There are no longer anyone to talk to or any contracts available and no more progression of the campaign missions. I really do like this game, when it was working. I put up with the constant disconnects from the servers but, this problem is a big problem for me. I really want my money back. I got no help from EA on resolving this issue, all they said was they are aware and basically have no idea when this issue will be fixed. I will post a pic of the chat I had with EA. If anyone out there has had this issue and had figured out a way to fix it please let me know, and if you are currently having this issue let me know that I am not the only one suffering. Screw this I am going to go play some Destiny 2. Well, apparently I can't post the pic on here, the attachment is too big(that's what she said) and the use of insert image is broken(what a surprise) thanks EA!

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Re: Why is Anthem broken?

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There are 4 tombs in free play that you have to visit in order to continue the story line. They are not exactly easy to find in the codex, but are there. Finish those and you will be all good to continue.

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Re: Why is Anthem broken?

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Having the same issue!

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Re: Why is Anthem broken?

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get some rest bruh, u're exhausted to see clearly too wasted to find availabilty.

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Re: Why is Anthem broken?

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yo g your a hero cause this is like the thrid post i have seen from you have a good day sir

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Re: Why is Anthem broken?

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Look at the challenges in your log. They tell you whats needed to progress. I had the same issue, noone from EA answered. They dont seem know theyr own game or cba. Some player posted the solution on youtube.
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Re: Why is Anthem broken?

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Anthem is still in beta, thought it's not official, i hope the game will be gold at release 2.0



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Re: Why is Anthem broken?

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I gave up hope a long time ago when it comes to EA.

What I would expect them to do is making DLC's and charge theyr customers even more. I will not jump on that bandwagon if that happens.
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