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Re: Where are all the players ?

by Zarelious

Original Post

Where are all the players ?

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Hey guys. Been playing for nearly 5 hours this morning and in that time only twice was I able to get a group for contracts and strongholds. Other times I would enter any activity by myself. Only time I see other players is in free play and even then it's only 1 or 2 people?


Is the population that bad now? 


Plus what's with all the blue drops in GM2 all of a sudden?

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Re: Where are all the players ?

★ Guide

I've noticed this before that it can be a little quiet early morning although it usually picks up later in the day..


As for drops, not seen a legendary for days now and yes blue drops for dispatching a luminary is kind of a * take!

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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To be honest I do think the population has going down drastically because of all the problems.  In the morning I too find it a bit sparse but in the afternoon i never have a problem finding a full group.  Then again I play during the week my weekends are for the wife.

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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no :d

anyway freeplay is limit 4 ppl per stage too :0

population is not bad  :o ., I still got ppl in stronghold for play with . 

and since patch fix it. stronghold always start at starter point  always 

well if you got in sh and server  not send more ppl . that mean you get in bug stage 

you better leave it and re entry again .




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Re: Where are all the players ?

★★★★ Novice

Hey guys thanks for the replies. I guess it was probably because it was early but I've always played at that time before and never had an issue. You maybe right, the population may have dropped. 


As for legendaries I anit seen one for over a week and when it did pop, it was for the ranger and I play as storm.


Getting burned out now. ☹️

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Re: Where are all the players ?

★★★★ Novice
I'll be on tonight =)
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Re: Where are all the players ?

★ Guide

I really hope that player levels don't fall too much as I love this game and so want it to succeed.



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Re: Where are all the players ?

★★★★ Novice

I am with you all I want it to do well, however i just finished the trials and it was not fun.  I honestly almost gave up on the game.  I understand they want to force you to learn the game and movements and functions before you move on, but it was too much.... 15 chests?  It took forever (then once I had all 15 they started just falling on my lap!!!) The multikills were a pain.  The worst thing was the Javalin repairs.  My friend that I normally play with already gave up after having way too many issues for him, so I am sort of stuck out there on my own.  Last week I spent over an hour and a half each day and it was rare to find anyone.  Yes I looked on the map and there was maybe 3 others at any given point.  Well, try and fly or run across the map to hook up with one of them.  tough but doable.  Then hope they die, did not happen.  Soo go to the events, and more often than not I was there by myself, ending with me dying as I was by myself to handle a world event....    Tried each time waiting 3 or 4 minutes to see if someone would fix my Javalin.  No luck, if they did not show up for the event why would they show up for the Javalin repair.  After this I tried to find the AI s and repair them.  This was a pain as they seemed to play better than me and not die....  I tried playing on hard, which meant that I ended up just dying by myself more....

Sorry about the rant.  I do like the game but the trials almost got me to give up.  They needed to be way shorter, or make it so you have an option to do 3 out of 4 items for each trial and you could get bonus points for doing all of them before opening the tomb.

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Re: Where are all the players ?

★ Guide

Yeah repairing those AI sentinels has gotten me killed quite a few times lol

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Re: Where are all the players ?

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Last time I was doing Legendary daily contracts on GM2 always started in 2 ppl team then other 2 could fill in...or not.And got impression that FPS got lower than before even switched off in game V-Sync.I assume less ppl playing which is sure sad.As for me I got free Division2 with new GPU so exploring  new game looks more appealing atm.

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