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Re: Trials, what am I doing wrong??

by o-MIDAS-o

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Trials, what am I doing wrong??

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Soo, I am trying to complete the trials, I have one tomb open, however I am stuck with zero multikills, what am I missing to get them?  I need either real weak bad guys or a much better gun.  Not allowed to use my special functions correct?   Also for the tombs they seem to be rarer and rarer, and if someone gets there first I am SOL????   I give myself one more week and if I cannot complete this I am done.   And that is not counting reviving another javalin, soo far one........

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Re: Trials, what am I doing wrong??

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its a free play mission and a long one -- at least i did it that way, its listed as a free play, get into it


just forget about that mission- go free play for a lot of looong sessions until you feel you are more powerful and have learned a few things- then check again and if you do that you will also likely have located the tombs....dont YouTube it,  thats no fun


one thing this game doesn't do is coddle


or i also did the fantastic journey , walk run or jump, dont fly ever,  from one corner of the map to the other .....have fun, its a perspective builder - ive circled it on foot too - freeplay is my favorite sport-


use combos for multi kills. yes use all your gear and you can heal AI sentinels - let them get downed - heal em up.....the tombs will await your arrival in the meantime - no SOL


go and become the badass solo killer that you are and dont forget the grabbits are friendlies- pic attached of me and some friends on a long walk

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Re: Trials, what am I doing wrong??

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I only need one more treasure chest, 2 heals and all 3 multi kills which I am yet to get  seems tougher with the dominion roaming now...

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Re: Trials, what am I doing wrong??

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ultimate is your multi kill boss - try the storm one = it gives you 3 hits

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Re: Trials, what am I doing wrong??

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finally finished, thanks the multikills did work with the ultimate ability.  I had read somewhere that I could not use abilities for multikills.  I should know better than believing that if it is on the internet it is right....

The problem ended up being the Javilin Repairs.  I had 2 left, and it took me like 3 hours to get them.  I played on hard but the issue was the lack of players in the map.  There were only a couple and they were not playing together.  They were spread out in the map and not doing most of the events.  Eventually I found one at the right time.  Then I also tried to stick with the AI and that also took forever as they played better than I did....  But it is finally all behind me...

Sorry, the freeplay was fun in the beginning, but it got old trying to get this laundry list done.  It should be shorter, or give you options, you could have to do 3 out of 4 tasks and give you extra points for doing all 4 before opening the tombs.

Also something that would majorly help would be txt chat.  I am yet to find anyone who I can talk to.   I would have been great if I could have told people that all i needed was to heal 1 javalin....

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Re: Trials, what am I doing wrong??

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 Multi kill consists of 6-10 baddies killed within a certain amount of time.  Use your ultimate when you get that many lined up.  Tyrant mine is the best for farming multi-kills, as long as the pugs dont annihilate everything before you can.  My Origins ID is MaddMardiggan, if you need help, my group would more than likely help you out.


Remember freelancer

Strong alone, stronger together.

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Re: Trials, what am I doing wrong??

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friend request sent
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