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The "Epic" Item issue in Anthem 1.1.0 (23.4.2019)

by TheHero_Origin

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The "Epic" Item issue in Anthem 1.1.0 (23.4.2019)

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 I did asked this question in the Live chat today with no answer to it.



@Anthemgame : Important Question: Since todays Patch i have 666/250 Items. Can i safely delete every Epic component i have?
I need to know if Epic components (Lev 38) have potential to make a Javelin be more powerfull, when using them in addition to Master (61)/Legendary(75) Components.
I did collect hundreds of Epics just for that purpose to make strong builds.
F.E. Collossus component: "Heavy Shield Reinforcement" +300% Shielddamage combined with "Demolition Tribute" +300% Shielddamage



Maybe people here can help out, especially with the 1.1.0 Changes

Can i safely delete any Epic or would i destroy potentially super builds by mixing in some Epics with greater inscriptions which succeed any legendary item.

In other words, i want to know if the GEARSCORE of 75 has a multiplier for the Damage output which is so much higher then a Gearscore item  of 38(epic) that the epic mix in will never be making more damage then the same legendary variant.


Look up reddit Thread by searching for the same TITLE i used here.



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Re: The "Epic" Item issue in Anthem 1.1.0 (23.4.2019)

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If you're gearing up from Epic to MW/Leg. Then some of those may still be useful. But if you've already got a good full MW build and only need to get Legendaries, then those Epics are more likely just wasting space.


In general (and also according to the Cortex in-game) the power level of an item determines how much damage or defense it gives.


Example: take an Epic 38 power Defender assault rifle with +150% damage inscription, and the same weapon at MW 56 power with only a 15% Damage scrip. The MW item will ALWAYS do more damage.

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Re: The "Epic" Item issue in Anthem 1.1.0 (23.4.2019)

[ Edited ]
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Today i decided to delete every epic over 250 slots.

But alas, now my Account seems to be broken.

All items and i say everything, including Weapons and support all items on my Pilot are now having +5% combo damage.

Check up this other Thread i opened under Technical issues.


All my playtime and Challenges are gone as it seems now. Please repair my account.

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Re: The "Epic" Item issue in Anthem 1.1.0 (23.4.2019)

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i have never found a support item for any javelin above epic- do they exist? ie: a master or leg shield wall for the storm ?



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Re: The "Epic" Item issue in Anthem 1.1.0 (23.4.2019)

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no, support rarity beyond EPIC is not in the game yet.

probably next season, idk when exactly but bioware plan this game for at least a decade rumour said.

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