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Ten Thousand Suns Won't Drop

by OCD_Otter97

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Ten Thousand Suns Won't Drop

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I'm not sure if the latest patch has anything to do with this as I've just started playing with my Storm Javelin after working on all the others to get them to masterwork rarity. But I've put at least 30+ hours into my Storm ever since I started focusing on it. I've been playing at GM1 and GM2 difficulties and doing everything possible at those difficulties. I've had multiple copies of all other gears drop for me, even the Ponder Infinity (the upgraded Lightning Strike Blast Seal gear) masterwork and legendary version which is kinda rare for me to see compared to the other gears. I've seen 3 completely different masterwork gears drop from the same run. I just now got 7 total masterwork items to drop from HoR on GM2. It just seems that no matter what I do, Ten Thousand Suns just will not drop for me. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or is anyone else having this issue.

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Re: Ten Thousand Suns Won't Drop

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I’m having the exact same problem with Ralner’s Blaze. I think it was maybe removed. No masterworks nada. GM3, 2, 1. Doesn’t matter. Strongholds, lego quests, contracts, freeplay. Nothing. I’m about to give up. Endgame is already so unfulfilling as it is. Anyway, I get your frustration.

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Re: Ten Thousand Suns Won't Drop

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Well it's comforting that someone else is going through a problem like mine. And I feel you on the endgame thing. I've highly supported this game since a few years before it's release. I'm finding it harder and harder to continue to do so with how they can't keep it in good working condition. It feels like every patch they fix things but break other things that weren't broken. I'm about ready to give up on this game and possibly Bioware as a whole.

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Re: Ten Thousand Suns Won't Drop

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TTS was my first lego drop. Upgraded that one with a better stat version a few weeks later. I was lucky as it rips new ones!

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