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PC Controls Update - Aiming and Flight

by EA_Ataashi

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Re: PC Controls Update - Aiming and Flight

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It's really nifty that the community is being kept up to date on these sort of issues. 


That said, how did these not get caught months ago? Is PC usability that low of a priority? 

I very literally quit the Deadspace franchise because of the controller optimization in the PC port. Please please don't make the same mistakes in Anthem.

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Re: PC Controls Update - Aiming and Flight

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Sorry but the raw mouse inputs are not totally fixed. It's way better than the demo now and there is no more acceleration but there is like a dead zone for the mouse inputs.


I play on a pretty low sensitivity and when i do small mouse movements, the game doesn't "record" some of the inputs of my mouse. And this can be pretty annoying for precise aiming.


Good job for all the improvements you made but i hope that this problem can be fixed for to have a better experience and for to finally reach the real ultimate raw mouse inputs. Standard smile 

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Re: PC Controls Update - Aiming and Flight

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I wanted to configure ALT key as hovering, but the game didn't recognize the key in configuration. Is there a way?


In the first alpha, the VIP one, I configured it correctly and the controls felt good in that way (now with the "aim" fixes in the air is better).



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Re: PC Controls Update - Aiming and Flight

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Re: PC Controls Update - Aiming and Flight

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The controls the way they react are insane *.

Who was drunk or on drugs creating this?


The Delay in input is horrific the flight and underwater controls are so bad cannot belive it wtf.


And who the * again did the * with all the sliders specialy for sensitivity in percentage?

Percentage from what starting point?

it pisses me so of that such simple thing´s are still a * problem.

i don´t wan´t to search around the internet only to be able to calculate my * sensitivity.


sensitivity "0" none -> "1" move not that hard right?

and always a * way to enter numbers into stuff like that not a freaking slider that we never can adjust the way we want without pain trying to hit that number we want to setup.


its so ridiculous that simple stuff like that needs to be said every * time over and over again.



Why we cannot fly straight up/down?

whats the point in that?

right there is no point in that.

worst game with worst controls/movment mechanics ive played in years.

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Re: PC Controls Update - Aiming and Flight

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Oh my goodness. Flight is terrible. After adjusting settings it got better, but it was never fun. 


I'm sure, if I spend weeks of practice I could become more fluid and adapted to this. But, why would I do that if it's not enjoyable getting there. Why in the world would they release a game, where your input is translated into camera position by a heroin addicted squirrel.


Lots of good aspects of the game, but the core mobility mechanic is absolutely and devastatingly terrible. I uninstalled the game after angrily completing the tutorial. 


Also, the UI is weird and abnormally out of sync with all other game UI/Controls consistency. Was the person who made it a Controller user? Did they accidentally assign controller developers to the PC game? Anyway, rant over, I'm moving on. 

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