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Re: Missing story because of crashes

by TAW-Lordzer

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Missing story because of crashes

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Hello! I've had a pretty smooth run on PC since release and have enjoyed the main storyline pretty much. Just played through the Tomb of General Tarsis and it was so far one of the  best quests in the game. So imagine how pissed off I was when during the cutscene before the final trial my game crashed inexplicably. By the time the game reloaded, the trial was already over and I jumped into a dialogue where the characters discussed briefly what had just happened.

As I understand, there is no way to replay the missions and thus get to know the full story without the gap caused by the crash...? Except of course with simple blind luck using Quick play or by tagging along with some friend of yours who you know is going to play the same mission.


If so, I think this is totally unacceptable. Now I do understand a crash every now and then, that's just life with video games. BUT I do want to be able to experience the full story of the game, especially when it is pretty good like in Anthem. The story is pretty much the reason I bought the game in the first place. A simple fix would be to make it possible to replay completed quests (at least the main quests).


Anyone else having this kind of grief with crashes?

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Re: Missing story because of crashes

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I had no issues with crashes or other hiccups during the story quests (played solo, as this seems to be a better way how to enjoy it). However, BW wants to introduce a way how to replay the story missions, so you should be able to fill the gaps eventually. Standard smile

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Re: Missing story because of crashes

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Yep, i had the sound bug in the last mission, and missed everything i had been working towards, the end. This is unacceptable not being able to replay missions. I would like to see and hear the end. Eventually isnt acceptable nor is it waiting for friends to go through it or lottery quickplay. This game has way too many bugs to have me give it any leeway.


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Re: Missing story because of crashes

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Tomb of General Tarsis is the only legendary mission it will give me, so I have played it many time with no problems. But after the last patch it crashes all the time, ate different places. I just pisses me off, they need to get some programmer to fix this game. I have lots of fun when it works, so it is worth fixing.

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