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Re: Dominion Storm SHIELD OMG!

by Tyrandil

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Re: Dominion Storm SHIELD OMG!

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@Tyrandil wrote:

omg dude do you know how to read? you don't. So read once again with your mom this time.

If you remind to me. yes I think I know how to read. 

you got problem with 1 single mob on GM2 its dominon strom . is I am correct ? 

I never got problem on it . I always solo world even freeplay GM2 . and I don't I am powerpuff. 

Dominon strom is easy kill and no problem to kill him . 

You must asking your self before make a post. Why only you complain about that Domonion strom mob hard to kill . but other ppl never ever talking about it. 

If its go seriouns everyone got same issue. this post will be at general discuss room and ppl flame about it. 


My advice is still the same. go to GM is suit your level . before move to other step . 



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Re: Dominion Storm SHIELD OMG!

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Luckily I have Marksman with 33% of chance to deal Electricity damage, so the shields come down quickly. After that Freezing them to place and combo them down.

Haven´t tried with Acid but Fire and Cold doesn´t work, Electricity melts the shield quickly.

To make it more clear- Marksman has like 400dmg per shot but 2-3000dmg El. dmg in every 3rd shot and it takes shield down with 2-3secs(GM1). And when I pull out my 7000dmg one-shot sniper it barely scratches the shield. So yep, it´s pointless to go after shield with blast dmg, Fire balls deal some dmgs also, but not so much as El. Wyvern Blits was this Marksman rifle name?


But that´s how the game is, every build has its weaknesses and that´s what the allies are for- to compensateWink

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Re: Dominion Storm SHIELD OMG!

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Maybe you're just not geared for gm2? I take out gm2 legendary dominion/outlaw storms in 2 combos. Literally less than a minute. I have more problems with scar enforcers since they turn around so fast.

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Re: Dominion Storm SHIELD OMG!

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Everything you Say pinkie is useless to this topic.

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