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Re: Anthem article

by JaksenDare

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Anthem article

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Yesterday the website Kotaku posted an article regarding Anthem and why it had failed?




I know it has some growing pains but it seemed to me that this particular author had an axe to grind.


Sure the game has some teething issues but the devs are responding, holding dev streams and releasing patches as fast as they can so why try to bury the game before it's even had a chance?


I've been playing the game since early access and I'm still awed by the sheer splendor of the environment when flying about plus it feels so natural  which is great help re immersion.


Around the time Anthem was officially released I bought another game too, this was something I'd been waiting for since it's announcement and even built a new rig specifically to run the game with all the effects enabled.


Don't get me wrong Metro Exodus is simply awesome but my hours playing tell the story:


Anthem: 275hrs played


Metro Exodus: 20hrs played


I just cannot put Anthem down as I'm forever thinking about new ways to run my set up, synergy, combo's and that environment..


I guess I just wanted to post that some of us think you have an awesome game and the great thing is, it can only get better!



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Re: Anthem article

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My biggest issue is that for alot of people including me it's unplayable because we can't pick our first Javelin (currently talking with devs) on top of many other "growing pains" that would have been solved with beta testing, but unfortunately they were unable to properly beta test because of rushed deadlines. So for the first 6 months the players that are paying FULL price including me are very disappointed. Granted the game is fun when it works but I've only been able to play the first 2 missions.

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Re: Anthem article

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I hear you man, it's damn frustrating when a game, any game, won't work especially when similar games run fine on the system.


Hearing how great the actual game is doesn't help either  Wink 


Hopefully your issue as well as others will be rectified sooner rather than later (eternal optimist here) please post how you get on..





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