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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

by Zarelious

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Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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Hi Community,


i preordered the Legion of Dawn Version of the game.


A friend told me while playing the VIP Demo that you can play the game on 15th of february with Origin Premium.

Now i feel realy fu***** up because i cant play the game ealy but spend 80€ !!


Now i have a question:


If i buy Access to Origin Premium for 1 month, can i play the game on 15th of february?


After this month can a play further with my preordered version of the game, without a reset of my data?


Has someone a information about this?


Greets Ifrith

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Accepted Solution

Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

Community Manager

Hey everyone! Standard smile


Just to be absolutely clear about this:


Origin Access Premier gives you access to the full game (Legion of Dawn edition) earlier [look at screenshot below] and you will keep the progress if your membership expires, but you will buy the game separately later.




OAP will also grant you 10% discount on Origin digital purchases - which you can use to buy Anthem anyway Wink



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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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the premium unlocks multiple titles for your account. and your purchase is a purchase no matter if you sup or not. so i really dont see you not being able to do so and continue on the same account after
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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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thats what i did, i already had a pre order in for the standerd edition, i signed up for premier after i did that it gave me the option to cancel my orginal preorder which i did, now it says i can play on feb 14, i then canceled my premier  and ill just rebuy the game after it expires, in your case all you need to do is pay for 1 month of premier  and then cancle it so you can play early

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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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I say one more thing i think its complete garbage you have to have a monthly sub  to EA just to play a game before everyone else, pre orders should have the same privilege 

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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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I also think it is kind of *. We all should be treated equally but sadly that will never be the case. Guess I will just have to wait.
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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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Well, let's see, preorders never promised early access. Only Premier Origin did. I don't see the problem. You dont' have to keep you preorder, just vote with your wallet. Cancel you preorder and buy something else, if you really want to play anthem early, then you know the choices you have and EA set those terms. 

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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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Somone else wondered about this and asked EA support and this is the response which if correct is shocking.


"If you own the base version of game and a Premier subscription, if you cancel / end a subscription, you will lose not only all additions / bonuses but also progress, since all this is connected with the subscription."


The part about loosing progress is what concerns me as I purchased the standard version and was planning on subbing for 1 month so I could play on the 15th but this makes it sound like I will loose all progress after I cancel the sub.

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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

[ Edited ]
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If you subscribe for 1 month you'll be able to play on 15th Feburary and will keep your progress. As you also preordered LOD edition, you'll keep the progress and preorder bonuses after the subscription expires.


Though I'm still looking for info concerning Access editions. If you only have Access Premier right now, you will have access to LOD edition. But after the release, when the preorder program will end, will new Access members get only standard edition? And for those who subscribed before the release? They will keep LOD till they are subscribed. What if they make a pause for subscription? Will they still get LOD upon next subscribing?

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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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Thats great news I dont care about Lod cosmetic items just wanted to make sure I kept progress that message from EA Support did seem abit off.

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Re: Anthem Preorder vs Origin:Premium

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It seems that there are other games with similar practice where Premier access has "check" instead of "pre-order only". And experience tells me a "check" means you could get it the moment you subscribe. If it's within a period of time it would be "*time-frame* only".


The question is, if I got the pre-order bonus and all 4 LODs by being a premier, but bought standard version after the subscription ends, do I keep the thing, access denied, or deleted?


Anyway this is not my problem because I plan on keeping my annual premier on until the day I no longer have fun playing games on EA.

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