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EA Sports UFC Gameface

by WhiteMexicanman

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EA Sports UFC Gameface

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I made my gameface, I saved it and now when I try to download it loads for about two minutes and then it says "Your download has failed. Please try downloading your gameface later." Help?

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

Community Manager

Note: I am temporarily marking this post as solution, with the sole purpose of increasing its visibility


Heya everyone,


We are aware that there some of you who are still encountering issues despite going through various troubleshooting steps already. This is just to get everyone up to speed that hasn't tried these yet.


1. Login issues


1. Visit

2. Click on Sign In (top right corner) and put in your Origin Account Details (This is not your gamertag/PSN ID)

3. Once logged in, go visit



2. Creating your Game Face


Before getting started, make sure you've downloaded and installed the Unity Web Player, an essential aspect of Game Face implementation. Continue with the steps by clicking on the spoiler below, as shown in this FAQ.


If you already have a GameFace created, for best results, update your existing Gameface by changing it to the “Fighter” type, and re-upload. 



3. Import your Game Face


  1. Go to Main Menu > Customize > Create a Fighter
  2. After entering Create a Fighter, the first prompt will ask if you want to import a Game Face.
  3. The Origin Account login used for the game must be the same as the one you used to create your Game Face on the Game Face website.
    • If its not, this can be changed in game in Customize Settings Account Settings > Origin 


4. Download Error


The most likely error is just that you need to link your Origin Account to your Console Persona--your PSN ID or XBL Account. If your Origin account is not linked, or linked to a different Gamertag, you will not be able to import your Gameface to UFC and will see a download error. The current linked Origin

account is visible in-game at: Customize > Settings > Account Settings > Origin


If that does not help, click on the spoiler below for all the info from the FAQ.



5. Appearance discrepancies


For those of you who are not able to replicate the look that they want in the game, please note that not all hair styles & facial hair are supported on a 1-to-1 appearance from website to in-game. However when selecting a particular style on the website, the game should determine the closest style that is supported in-game and apply that style to the imported Game Face created fighter.


If your created gameface varies greatly from what you see in the game, upload two images to an image hoster (e.g. so we can gather these and pass them on for further investigation.




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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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Community Manager



Thank you for your report.

Can you please try downloading your gameface once more? We were able to resolve an issue regarding this at 1AM PST and it should be working now.




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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

★★★★★ Newbie

It is impossible to download Game Face, tells me all the time "download to failed try again later" is frustrating... and I won't start the "career mode" till my fighter has... Confusedmileysad:

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

★★★ Newbie

same issue here....this is not "solved"  please fix this issue?!?!

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

★★★ Newbie

Not yet solved, actually.  It still says that it can't download and to try again later.  What is the ETA for an actual solution to this problem, I for one am upset and know may other customers are experiencing the same issue and feel the same as I do.

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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this is NOT solved, issue still occuring

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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I'm getting this problem too, been trying to solve it for the last 3 hours.

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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Also having the same issue, no problems on gameface itself but it wont download on UFC

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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It's still not working it's still saying try again at a later time
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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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Not solved Still getting the error

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