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sims 2 uc graphics glitch

by peaceout5581

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sims 2 uc graphics glitch

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So I recently managed to download the sims 2 ultimate collection on my laptop again, which is great because I've been really missing ts2 again lately. It runs surprisingly well on my computer and I'm able to keep my graphics options pretty high, but I'm having issues with the flickering glitch/screen res being stuck/smooth edges option being greyed out. Not the first time, but I never managed to fix it before since it's not like it makes the game unplayable, just kind of annoying sometimes since I know others are able to play it perfectly fine. I've looked up guides on how to fix it [Admin - Removed third party link] since it's apparently a problem caused by newer graphics cards, and it seems like such an easy fix. I'm able to open the graphics rules sgr file and edit it, but when I save it in notepad, it automatically switches to a .txt file. Windows 10 is finicky and complicated sometimes, so I tried looking up another guide or program I could use to edit the sgr file (also tried saving it outside of the program files folder, didn't help either), and maybe my small brain just prevents me from understanding tech stuff, but it seems like I'm the only person to have a problem saving it, or at least the only person to seek help for it. Like I said, it's not like it makes the game unplayable, it's just annoying when it seems like such an easy fix Frown


Not sure if this is the right place to post about this, but if anyone has advice it would be much appreciated!!

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Re: sims 2 uc graphics glitch


@peaceout5581 , Graphics Rule Maker is an easy program to use and install and edits the Graphics Rule.sgr for you and keeps it in the correct format. I can't link to it, but you can Google search for it and find it pretty easily. Any questions you may have in regard to it, Google search for Leefish's forums.


Hope this helps.

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