The sims 1 on Windows 10 (please sticky this

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The sims 1 on Windows 10 (please sticky this

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Dear All Sims 1 fans,



Many of you out there are aware of Sims 1 not supported on Windows 10. This is not only sad, but EA no longer supports this game either. That is their choice, but in my opinion, this game is historical and should be preserved for future generations. Many older games are getting lost due to the popularity of new games. So people ask, why should we preserve the past games, since their graphics are horrible and gameplay boring? This is what most newer gamers ask, but those of us that lived when the games came out as new, either feel nostalgia or a love for the older games. I also believe this game shows historical information for future generations to show how gaming evolved. In fact, there are many facts about the sims 1 that i know personally. I know this game was very hard for Will Wright to make, when he first worked on it. I have a sheet with a interview with Will Wright from a letter from long ago, which i will donate in the future to a museum of video gaming, if i ever find one that shows physical items. Originally, The sims 1 was gonna be called "DOLLHOUSE", and in the interview, this is shown. Will Wright then decided to name it "the people simulator". Eventually, the sims name came to fruition. The name means Simulated People, which was another possible name of the game could of been. Over 1 million copies of the game were sold in many countries around the world. Also, the game was not like any other's that came out back then. It was a new idea, and very innovative. Now, I believe older games should be historically preserved for those in the future, so those of you that can no longer play Sims 1 due to either being forced to download Windows 10 (like i was), or have to get windows 10 on a new computer, your in luck. Someone on the official forums of the sims 4 made a mod that fixes the .EXE and allows the game to be played on windows 10. I wish to post this here, for like me, people out there wish to play the game for the love of it, and preserving the past. I also believe in what some of the preserving groups are doing to past video games and to preserving them. As many of these games were actually new when i 1st seen them. If we don't preserve the past, mistakes of the future will repeat again and again, even with cultural history and heritage.


Here is the original post where i found the information about how to get sims 1 to work on windows 10:


This method also works for the sims retail disk versions also. I believe this will help those with issues playing the sims 1 on windows 10 pc's. Note that i do not know if this will work with non-english versions. I tried the file personally and it seemed to work fine, as far as i can see. I am only posting this here to help those who seek help playing the sims 1 on a windows 10 pc. I would like to thank the person who made the file, but there name appears deleted off the sims 4 forums.





1. Download the .EXE here:


[Removed] NOTE: Since this was removed, please refer to above link from the sims forums.




2. Go into your old Sims 1 file, in windows 10, under C://Program Files (x86) > Maxis > Sims. Rename the sims.exe file as Sims.old in case the new file does not work.


3. Move the new sims.exe file to same folder as above.


4. Launch the game. You may need to run it in compatibility mode.


5. Hopefully it works.


I hope this helps others who have issues with sims 1 and Windows 10. Good luck! I hope this also preserves the game for future generations.


DISCLAIMER: I did not make this file, nor am i affiliated with the individual(s) who made it. I believe in the preservation of older games for cultural information and art styles shown in past games. This topic should be stickyed if a moderator finds that it can, so it can help others with getting the sims 1 to work, for the love of the game, and keeping the preservation of the past. Many games of the past have been lost to time, and this is sad. Although considered a new medium, video gaming history is being lost as newer technology keeps changing. Since it is hard to preserve the past, whether it be written documentation, historical records, or in the case of video games, video game medium, it should be saved. This is why i support organizations like the VGHI, and others like them. They are trying to preserve the games for future generations. If your interested in this, please look at the link below in the sources links


. Sadly, the more the Operating systems and console styles change, the more harder it is to "archive" older software and games for preservation. I support the preservation of our cultural older games and the impact they have had on our society. This is why games like the sims 1 should be preserved. It shows cultural aspects of the late 20th century and early 21st century. Historians in the future will have a hard time deciphering how a culture interacted, and this game will help them decipher it.



Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!










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Re: The sims 1 on Windows 10 (please sticky this

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Thank you for the info!

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New link please?

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Bump. New link please?! Help!

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Im not allowed to post any links about this, but i suggest using google, and search for "THE SIMS 1 Windows 10 patch" . A couple years ago, someone posted a video about where to get it with the link included in it. Since if i post the official link here, it will be removed due to rules of the posts on please search for it using the above in parenthesis as the search criteria. Note that the update patch for windows 10 only works with physical copies of "The Sims", including complete and double delux. I was lucky to find one a couple years ago at a thrift shop. My original copy was ruined in Hurricane Harvey when my house got flooded.

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Also, sorry for the late response. I hope this helps anyone looking for a answer in the future.
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