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[The Sims 2 - Ultimate Collection] Known Issues - Please read first

by crinrict

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[The Sims 2 - Ultimate Collection] Known Issues - Please read first

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Please read this unofficial FAQ before opening a thread. 


How to get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection ?


Our giveaway has now ended and The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection can no longer be redeemed with the I-LOVE-THE-SIMS product code.
We appreciate all of your excitement and interest in The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.

Do I have to uninstall my previous installation ?


Yes. You should uninstall The Sims 2, but please, make sure to backup your old save games beforehand, just in case!

I don't have a neighborhood to pick from after starting the game


Please refer to this thread for a solution: [SOLUTION] No Neighborhoods to pick from

I get a screen for Fun with Pets and also a mention of Sims 2 Garden and Mentions but nothing about Ultimate Collection


That's how it works. All good.

My game is not responding


Please be patient. The inital start can take up to 10-15 minutes and does give you the impression that it doesn't do anything.

Where can I find the body shop ?



The Body Shop is located here: Yes it is. You'll find it here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\CSBin. Create a shortcut for it on your desktop

How can I open the game in windowed mode?


You can learn how to set The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection to start in windowed mode here.

Does UC run on a Mac ?


No, unfortunately, the Sims 2 UC does not run on a mac unless you use bootcamp. Please see here for more info: The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for Mac? You can find The Sims 2 Super Collection on the Mac App Store which run on Mac :

Does UC run on Windows 8/8.1/10 ?



Yes, it does. You might need to start your game in compatibility mode though.


  1. Find the Sims 2 UC Icon on your desktop
  2. Right click on it and choose properties
  3. Choose the tab compatility
  4. Click on the little tick in compatibilty mode and choose Windows XP (SP3) from the dropdown box.

My Game doesn't start at all


First make sure that the process is not running. To do so, open the task manager and check if there's a process called The Sims 2 EP9. If there is, please be patient. If it starts and then disappears right away, please refer to this thread: [Info Request] Sims 2 does not start at all - Please read first post carefully before posting

 My Game is crashing in CAS



There's many people with this problem atm. There are many threads about it. Please for now, go through them before making a new thread. You might find a solution.

Things you can try:


  • If you ahve both a graphics chip and a graphics chip, make sure the game runs on the card
  • Turn of Origin/In game Origin
  • Run the game in Windows XP Compatibility mode (see Does UC run on Windows 8/8.1 ?)

Graphic cards and Problems with Resolution


There are many guides around for this, such as this one.

The launcher does not respond


You can bypass the launcher. Just look at this thread.

Faulting Application Path error


You can try this workaround.

Moving old Store edition neighborhoods to Ultimate




Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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