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Sims 2 Double Deluxe disk won't load

by ladyondemove

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Sims 2 Double Deluxe disk won't load

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I purchased Sims 2 Double Deluxe 4 times since 2008.Game was working fine,now when I put DVD in, it will not load.The launcher will load, but when clicking PLAY, it does nothing. I hit run and it asks for installation code.  Why, when it's already installed?  I refuse to purchase another DVD.  I have had the same problem with DVDs not working.  No it's not my laptop.  I just purchased this laptop and installed Sims 2 on it 6 months ago.  This is the 4th DVD!  Three times it has cost me $49.99 plus tax, the last time the DVD cost me $25 plus tax.  I tried to go to the site but it isn't accessible.  I have been trying to contact you all since November 2012.  I have even called  650-628-1905 several time and each time I am told the wait time is 74 minutes or more.  This is ridiculous!  I shouldn't have to wait this long for help or access the internet and find no help.  I shouldn't have to keep paying hard earned money for DVDs that mysteriously stop working for no reason.  This is the precise reason, I refuse to buy the Sims 3!  I have spent close to $200 for the same DVD that keeps giving me the same problem of having to reinstall a game that is already installed and completely start the game all over from scratch!  When I search the internet I find others with this problem but no one has an answer.  I trust you have a remedy.  I refuse to purchase another DVD.  Also the same thing with open for business.  I purchased this game, installed it, and it gave me an error about disk.  My pc is Dell Inspiron, I am using Windows 7 and my laptop is a 64 bit.  I have the sims 2 expansion pack installed.  The sims 2 is installed, University is installed, nightlife (not the trial version) is installed and seasons, but non of these games are playable unless Sims 2 can load.  I have spent over $500 dollars on Sims 2 and expansions. You can righlty see why I am upset!  I need answers and remedies FAST!!!



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Re: Sims 2 Double Deluxe disk won't load

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I'm have same problems with my exp packs when I got mine double pack  the install code the back of the instruction booklet was saying it the wrong code so I went the and contact them and that where I found the code that will install the game but I can't get my exp pack if you have the the Sims 2 game come out 2007/2008 before the the sims2  exp pact come out the they will work I try mind and exp pack won't work with double pack  night life and party stuff disk

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