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Re: sims medieval service initialization failed 0x039e8474 mac

by thatchikenkid

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Re: sims medieval service initialization failed 0x039e8474 mac

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I downloaded Sims Medievil Special Edition off Origin onto my Mac and I'm getting hit with the same error

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Re: sims medieval service initialization failed 0x039e8474 mac

@thatchikenkid  I split your comment into its own thread (the other one was pretty old) and moved it to Other Sims Games.  This is the best place to get Medieval help.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: sims medieval service initialization failed 0x039e8474 mac


@thatchikenkid , Here are the instruction on how to get Sims Medieval to work. This is copied from another post I wrote on a similar subject. I would uninstall Sims Medieval and reset Origin before trying these steps. Make sure to do a manual uninstall like Sims 3 as both games share a similar architecture.


"You wanted to know the steps that @tygereyes812 took to fix their game. I have copied their response from their post and will break it out into steps for you.


"I was able to fix it by first installing everything, then repairing origin, and then installing the base game alone (which gave me a different error code frequently mentioned on the boards here). After that I repaired origin again, launched the game to get the error code, disabled origin in-game while the error code window was opened, closed the error window, repaired origin a third time, downloaded Pirates and Nobles to get the original "Unable to start game Service initialization failed (0x039e8474)" error code, repaired origin a 4th time, cleared the cache one last time, and launched the game successfully. "


1) Install the game.

2) Repair Origin.

3) Install Base game alone.

4) Repair Origin again.

5) Launch game, disable Origin In Game while Error code window is open and then close the Error code window. Also clear cache files from Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims Medieval.

6) Repair Origin for a third time.

7) Download and install Pirates and Nobles.

8) Repair Origin for a fourth time and clear the cache files one more time.


Note: Files to clear all end in "cache" and there should be three of them. "


Please advise if this works for you or not. We may need your computer specs found under the Apple Logo in the upper left hand corner labeled "About This Mac". DO NOT include your serial number.

***Please note that I am a player like you and not an employee of EA.***
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