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Question about The Sims 2 running on Nvidia gtx 1070

by Godzarrows

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Question about The Sims 2 running on Nvidia gtx 1070

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Greetings EA


It has come to my attention that The sims 2 was an early manufactured game published in 2004. With curiosity i attempted to run this on later hardware under Windows 10.

It's understandable that the application would be unstable, as there have been signs of flashing pink objects within the game. I have a slight understanding of code and the behavior of what was written at the time, but I'm unsure of the variables used. The flashing pink doesn't effect the the game in a way that you think. it's more of some kind of missing visual, or shaders requirement.




After several tests i have come to an understanding that my GPU is subject to an anonymous status. Which is understandable due to the age of this application.

Is there anyway to get the shaders to work efficiently with a Nvidia Gtx 1070? It's also likely the structure of Windows 10 and how it initiates applications in general.

it seems with every update for the 1070 GTX, the further the application gets to running properly.



The game works but it needs a serious field day with the Graphics and GPU settings. I'm assuming the there's some kind of notepad or Config file for this, but there's too many files.

If i had to guess.......................The config/input file would possibly in the latest updated section of the installation, the only problem is that there all the same date!

I want to have a look at that file specifically.



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Re: Question about The Sims 2 running on Nvidia gtx 1070


@Godzarrows , there is a solution to the flashing pink graphics. What you need to do is do a Google search for "Graphics Rule Maker" which creates an updated file which you can easily add to your game. 


Happy Simming!

***Please note that I am a player like you and not an employee of EA.***
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Re: Question about The Sims 2 running on Nvidia gtx 1070

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Greetings Tremayne


Thank you very much, this was very useful, and fixed the stability. unfortunately the flashing pink issue is still there.

The graphics rule maker is a fine work of coding, it appears this issue has been going on for years.


Would an official patch be able to fix this, or is 3rd party tools the only way?

I just have a bad feeling if you're mixing 3rd party programs to fix a game under Origin, wouldn't that violate their terms of use?

I would of assumed origin would optimize my pc to suite the applications required specs. You know, like how Steam optimizes your PC, In this case , it would be an overload.


If i had to guess Sims 2 was a thing way before Origin.



Once again thanks.

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