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Origin version Simcity 4 won't start (Win10)

by miax64

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Origin version Simcity 4 won't start (Win10)

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I've just bought the SimCity 4 game in Origin. I'm running a VM with Windows 10 where Origin and the SimCity game are installed.


However, I can't get it to work. I've searched this forum, but a lot of question go about the old (not Origin) version of the game which is not suitable for me. Also I tried almost all start-up commando's (and al sorts of combinations of these) like:


-f or -w (fullscreen or windowed mode)

-d:Software (to render it on software)







But none of them seem to start the game. The best luck I had with this (combination) commando:

-f -d:Software -BackgroundLoader:off -Cursors:fullcolor -Intro:off -CPUPriority:high -CPUCount:1 


But this only could let me run the game for 5 seconds without crashing. 


I've also tried playing with the VM settings; like enabling / disabling 2D and 3D rendering of the graphic card. All don't matter.


Can anyone help me? I'm kind of lost as I did pay for a game which I can't play now.

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