White screen Bug Fallen Order

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Re: White screen Bug Fallen Order

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@vertigodly nothing yet dude
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Re: White screen Bug Fallen Order

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@seelrevilo IM STUCK AT THE SAME PART PLEASE LMK WHEN THIS GETS FIXED!!! btw im not mad only because this game is breathtaking...
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Bug on dathomir ruin

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Product: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Summarize your bug So in the part of the game when you build your own light saber an go back to the ruin a the gamed crashed and when i go back and try to do it again the game gets stuck on a white screen however i can still hear my character move around and i can control him but the cut scene doesn't play and every time i restart the game it happens. i even deleted the game a reinstalled it and the same happens again.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? have the game crash while on dathomir going to the ruin for the second time
What happens when the bug occurs? the screen goes white but i can still control my character and access the menu
What do you expect to see? a cut scene where you meet night sister merrin with out a mask

i dont want to start the game over because im already so far

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Re: White screen Bug Fallen Order

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Me too!! So annoying... i want to finish the story. Have written emails to EA but they automatically closed my case about the issue. Whicj in itself is upsetting. If they dont fix it ill be fighting to a refund because the game isnt worth playing through again.

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Re: White screen Bug Fallen Order

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Yea it’s a great game that’s why I don’t wanna give up on it, I just keep playing it visiting spots to get items etc but I talked to EA and apperently they gonna do an uptade , I just don’t know when but I Hope it’s soon

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Re: Bug on dathomir ruin

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Same thing happened to me Saturday and some other people, we all can still hear our character during the white screen, pisses me off but the game is too great to give up on, I am just waiting for it to get fixed, our best hope is in the next uptade which I hope is soon

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Re: Dathomir mission: boss fight cutscene bug

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Same dude. I tried everything except reset the game. Not starting that over.

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Re: White Screen bug Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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Same with me. I tried turning my console off then back on. Nothing. I finished all the collectibles around the meditation point before trying the door again. Nothing. I hope this gets fixed soon I've been really invested in the story of this game since it's release

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Re: White screen Bug Fallen Order

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This is a very annoying bug that needs to be fixed ASAP I think it happened because when click rest when you meditate you click O very quickly and it messes up the saving process or it’s just a bug that happens after you save before fighting the boss at darthomir 

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Re: Gamebreaking glitch/bug on Dathomir after 2nd fight against Jaro Tapal

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The same thing has happened to me.  I had to watch a couple walk through videos to make sure I wasn't going crazy.  After the Nightsister joined our crew, I proceeded back the way I came.  I fought the two, new monsters, squeezed through the gap, and proceeded to leave the temple.


I heard the Nightsister say I will meet you at your ship, but the door was closed.  I tried killing myself, reinstalling the game, but nothing works.  Literally stuck and can't progress to finish the game.


The walk through I watched clearly shows this door should be open, so 100% a game breaking glitch.


Is this going to get patched?  

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