Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

by Straatford87

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Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy


Looking for new pilots to join your fleet? You're in the right place!


We'll leave the recruiting up to you. But to help pilots find the right fit, think about explaining:

  • Something about your clan
  • Criteria you're looking for from potential recruits
  • Your region, and most frequent play times

And lastly, don't spam the thread. A weekly bump makes it fair for everyone. 

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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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Edit: The AOD Squadrons squad has been disbanded some time ago. I am no longer a member of the clan. To my knowledge AOD are no longer recruiting members for this game. For archival purposes I'm leaving the below as is.





PILOTS WANTED: Angels of Death


At Clan AOD we like to say that we’re inspired by community. What this means is that we believe in the power of we over the power of me. As a member of the Clan AOD Star Wars Squadrons division, you will play in a clan that fosters the comradery in squading up with really good people.


Since 1999, we have believed in creating a non-toxic community, where skill level isn’t considered the most important aspect of gaming. And with over 3000 members, you will always find someone to play with in AOD.


  • To be eligible for membership in the AOD Star Wars: Squadrons Division, you must meet the following criteria:
    -Be at least 16 years of age
    -Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are in game – we have a quiet room for when you’re not playing with us.
    -Contribute to the forums once a month to maintain activity

Come and check out what we are about, go to https://www.clanaod.net/divisions/star-wars-squadrons/ Sign up for an account, fill out an application, and come be a part of our community.


If you have any questions, shoot a friend request to AOD_Drachenjager, AOD_Munkee, AOD_Lucifer, or AOD_Ghostwalker on Origin.


You can also join our Discord at https://discord.gg/clanaod and ask to speak with a Squadrons Officer.


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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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                                             SE Screenshot.jpg






Solo Elite was formed in 1999 as a squadron in the Novalogic game F22 Lightning 3.


The team has existed since that time and prides itself on its legacy of casual and competitive play in a range of titles from Call of Duty, to Battlefield and SW: Battlefront.


We have members all over the globe, Europe, Australasia and the U.S.A, but most of our current members are in the United Kingdom.


Out current games are Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), World of Warships and Star Wars: Squadrons.  However, many of our members dabble in Call of Duty, Counterstrike and DCS.





Our only requirements are for our members to be ages 16+, have access to discord and follow the simple rules located on our website (which effectively amount to no cheating and don't be a *!)






Solo Elite is always looking for new people to join the family, but we understand that being part of a clan isn't for every gamer.  To that end, we have an open Discord policy and anyone is welcome to stop by and game with us.


If you feel like you want to be the next lucky person to share in our comradery, then all you need to is speak to one of the admins and we will handle the rest.


Website link


Discord Link



We look forward to flying with you!


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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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NRN Poster Skylem.png


Join the mighty NRN!


NRN is the first, the original rebel fleet Standard smile Join our Discord and you will immediately find a friendly bunch to fly with, happy to train and play at all skill levels. We have been going strong since Xwing vs Tie Fighter, we were the very best in Xwing Alliance, and Squadrons is now our most active division.


Every month we host a Squad Wars event with group and individual awards. There is always a Squad Wars around the corner. Fly with your squadmates and others in Ranked Fleet Battles and big Custom Dogfights and earn awards for yourself and your team; you do not want to miss this fun monthly event! Then in our off weeks we have matches with other clubs and host internal tournaments.


NRN welcomes one and all for friendly competition in Squadrons and are also active in a variety of other games. We have always had a mix of elite and casual players and everything in between from around the world. Come check out our Discord and fly with us any time. When you are ready to join we will find a place for you in one of our Squadrons.


So there you go!






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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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  • A healthy balance of trying and fun. We seek more strategic/tactically minded adults that also have careers, families, etc
  • Join us on a schedule with organized gaming nights as well as impromptu events
  • You will be responsible for representing our clan. We host events and challenges and are historically active within the larger community



  • A multi-gaming group - why stick to just one title!?
  • A group that is celebrating 22 years together, we enjoy welcoming new friends.
  • An organization with combined experience across casual, competitive, milsim and professional esports
  • Well-known for holding high standard of integrity, sportsmanship, and ethics
  • We hold regular, in-person gatherings in different parts of the world



  • More than a clan, we’re a family that has picked up their members over the years.
  • We play with a goal in mind. There’s a lot of multi-gaming clans that play whatever’s hot and hop from game to game. We adopt games to explore internal events or scrimmages, to get better, to make the community better and have fun by playing against each other.
  • Therefore, we’re an actively recruiting clan with an ever-growing mindset and ready to take games to the next level.

We are also interested in growing our group and creating content for several thousand followers that we already have.  We typically play after dinner during evenings (EU and NA)


Currently leading our Star Wars Squadron division, talk to them in our Discord feel free to visit our website as well.


  • cc//dox
  • cc//Shepe
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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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Wolf Squadron

Pilots of Star Wars Squadrons!!

Looking for a more relaxed environment to use your pilot skills, improve and join competitive play?

Join Wolf Squadron!!


We are a part of Dominion Special Operations a multi-game clan with 300+ members looking into expanding in Star Wars: Squadrons. We already have 80+ pilots who are testing and improving their skills in group play.


As a clan we we are relaxed, but as mentioned also enjoy competitive play and on occasions we like to sit down with a drink while chatting and playing.


You will not have any obligations with us as of participating in certain amounts of events or anything like that. We just want to have fun and enjoy the game together!


Hit the Discord to join and assign yourself the Squadrons rank!!




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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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Our Discord is at http://ehtc.chat

We are worldwide but most frequent playtimes is generally in the evening as well as our Shootouts on Saturday at 6 PM Eastern


Admiral Miles "Tails" Prower

Recon Officer for the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff

Combat Operations Officer for the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps

Master-At-Arms for the Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood

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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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We are the Imperial Ground Forces, a [PC] Star Wars Gaming Community established in 1999. We currently support Squadrons and Battlefront II (2017) and are actively recruiting Imperial Pilots of all ages, abilities, and timezones. We encourage you to check out all that our community has to offer!

We recognize Member participation. After completing your basic requirements, you’ll be ready for your first promotion. Keep playing in matches with other Members to keep earning promotions. We have leadership opportunities also!

Our weekly themed events offer earnable ribbons for participation, as well as BONUS ribbons for those seeking a greater challenge. Ribbons and awards appear on your personal IGF Profile!

Did you compete in 100 matches last week? We have an award for that. Did you rock a killer KD/R? We have an award for that too. Going above and beyond; assisting a fellow Member; or even recruiting for the community, we award you for your effort!

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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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IGF has been my home for over 10 years, the ranks, structure and awards are great, but the friends that I made over the years in a healthy gaming environment is what has made this club great.  through ups and downs, thick and thin, IGF and its community has always been there for me. I would encourage everyone to come check us out! Standard smile 

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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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@Straatford87 While I like the fact that you promote players getting together, what's the actual point when we don't have the option of private matches ? Clans typically practice a couple of times a week. Usually they'll make 2 teams that go against each other, allowing them to learn new ways of playing and debating their experiences afterwards. You could argue that you can do the same in pvp or vs AI, but it just isn't at the same level.
Also, on a side note : where's the communication about the state of the game and planned updates ?
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