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Join the TIE Fighter Alliance

TIE Fighter Alliance was founded in 1997 as an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter clan and later added support for X-Wing Alliance. We are now fully supporting Star Wars: Squadrons. We are open to players of all skill levels, platforms, and regions. Please consider joining us on Discord and our website.

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Hello everyone!

I have a 18+ community for gaming with like-minded players who love to play a variety of games. From chill players, to casual folks, to hardcore gamers, all are welcome. We are very family-like, inclusive, non-toxic, and I hope you will feel right at home with us!

It can be a big step to join a server full of people, but I can promise we're here to help if you have any questions. The community is what you make of it. You can simply find others to game with, voice chat if you'd like, text chat, and/or join in on events.

We host multiple game events, movie nights, D&D, and a book club. We also have listeners (if you need to vent), and dedicated servers!


Once you join the discord you'll receive a DM with information on how things work. You'll notice that there's only a few channels. That's because you don't have access to everything right away Standard smile That DM will explain more.

Please check out our discord and find a squadron that works for you:

See you there!

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Calling all pilots!


We are Ghost Squadron, and we're an new active clan dedicated to Star Wars Squadrons! Our mission statement is to have some fun and compete in the regular organised events through the gaming community. We’ll be taking part in competitive server weekly scrimmages, as well as hosting internal practice competitions to try out new strategies and test ourselves to get ready for the bigger competitions on the horizon!


However, if you can’t wait until the weekend or you’re looking for some competitive fun on a smaller scale, we’re also hosting weekly challenges for Dogfighting and Ranked Fleet Battles. If you're already in a squadron and are looking for some more low-stakes, friendly competition, we'd love for you to take part too.


-Do you have the best K/D ratio?

-Can you take down a Capital Ship the fastest?

-Are you an unsung support hero?


See how you compare against other players in Ghost Squadron and show off your skills! To participate, you’ll need to post a screenshot for your entry from this week and we’ll announce the winners and memorialise you forever in our Halls of Fame! We’re a friendly bunch of ghouls, so enlist for battle at our resident hangar, the Graveyard! Please feel free to contact me directly, or join us below: - The Graveyard, home of Ghost

Ghost Sq Wolf  copy.png

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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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Website: Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and provide them Head Quarters where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community. Our Squadrons division is a small but growing part of our community that is out there to win fights and have fun. Here are some details about our clan. • We have long term members who have been in TG for years • Tactical Gaming has a life first policy that does not require members to be present if life gets in the way but does require them to communicate. • We play custom games in our practices that shake things up and make the game more interesting • We have a strong well tested system of leadership that allows excellent communication between members and staff. • We are always looking for new members who want to lead to rise up the ranks of our organization • Discord

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Seeking pilots for the New Republic Bomber's Association.


"Fighter pilots make movies. Bomber Pilots make History." - Lt. Cmdr. Virgil Cole, Flight of The Intruder


Find us on Facebook.


Our unofficial mascot is Beskar Betty. Image credit is not my own but was absolutely perfect nose art.

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★ Guide

CA - "Cavern Angels"

  • We are a tight group of OBJECTIVE DRIVEN, Hardcore pilots. If you are serious, and don't want a "feel good" squadron, hit me on up for a try out.
  • We use advanced tactics to gain an edge. 
  • We are about Quality, not Quantity. We will be playing from all three Platforms, (Xbox, ps4/ps4vr, and PC /PC-VR.  
  • We place FIRST  on the Winning Side over and over on SFA.
  • We have Tons of experience dating back to the First X-wing, X-wing Balance of Power, Tie Fighter, XvT, X-Wing Alliance and the Rogue Squadron Series.
  • WE are Huge Fans.

Main Members:

  • Painless CA1
    Hawk CA2
    Horro CA3
    ALBoulcan CA4
    Vyrus CA5
    Knight CA6 (Awing/Xwing)
    Papasean CA7
    HAM CA8 (Fighter bomber & Support)
    URZU CA9
    RALPH CA10 (Awing) learn tiefighter and Xwing
    SOLO CA77
    Johri CA 99

We have very limited amount of openings on our Squadron.

Please respond below if you are interested, or hit me up on xbox live. Let me know if you have a preference on your faction (New republic or Remnant Empire, we can accommodate either.



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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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We are SOF TAC: which stands for Special Operation Forces Tactical Authentic Community

Want to join a Family of guys and girls that have been playing together for well over 8 years,
Well then check out what we have instore for you"

We do things differently here.

We hold that: 
* The opinions and ideas of our members Shape the experience in the community

*The leadership of our community is a handful of people who do all they can to make sure the community is having fun and enjoying themselves and always growing and expanding day by day...
"Individually we may be Gamers , But together we are so much more" - SOF TAC Member 

*We offer many opportunities in our community for members to add their experience and skill sets to a wide variety of support and administrative roles,
So we can always move forward and grow as a community.

*We have a well structured and organized system thriving with diversity and individuality.

*Our community has been around for many years, and we have always held the standard that LIFE comes first, Gaming  comes second.


  • To be eligible for membership.
    -Be at least 16 years of age - we have an under 16 if needed
    -Be on Discord
    -Contribute Activity  

If you have any questions


You can also join our Discord at  and ask to speak with a Leadership or a Recruitment Rep 

Sincerely yours , 

SOF TAC Leadership and Community 
SOF McDonald.A               - Recruitment Head
SOF Defeat4U                   - Head of HR
SOF Geigersnaps             - Head of IT
SOF ES5XB0Y                 - Media Team Head
SOF Dread                       - Head of Member Retention
SOF Sloff                         - Head Marketing


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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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Re: Pilots Wanted! Recruiting Academy

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Standard smile TY

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