Can anyone help me contact EA?

by leila171717

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Can anyone help me contact EA?

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I just need to change my email and my old email that I do not have access to is assigned to this account so I just need them to remove it because I cannot access the verification email that they send to my old email 

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Re: Can anyone help me contact EA?

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Hey @leila171717 Even if you don't have access to your email address anymore you can reach out to our live support team.


For further assistance on accessing your account, please refer to this article on our website. It provides a step-by-step guide to help you resolve the issue.


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Re: Can anyone help me contact EA?

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I contacted support via email and my ticket says "waiting on player" but I haven't had a response to my ticket yet. 


This begs the question, what are they waiting on me for?


I don't have a mouse cursor in game, I play on a PC and don't own a console so I need the mouse to navigate the menus. I could probably navigate the menus if I knew the numbering system for the buttons on my stick but have no idea where/how to find that information or if it's even available.


The last time I attempted to play this game I couldn't get my HOTAS to work properly. Pitch was controlled by my throttle. My throttle was always listed as the primary device and I couldn't get it to change. My fighter would roll in one direction (I think left) without any input from my stick or rudder. (My controllers work just fine in Elite Dangerous and DCS.)


20 years ago when EA bought AirWarrior 3 and made all kinds of promises to the player base about fixing bugs and continuing development on AirWarrior 4 only to break every promise they made and shut down the game I swore I'd never buy another EA game as long as I lived. Well, I did buy another EA game and now I'm regretting wasting $40.

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