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Banned EA account for no reason

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Hi All!

I bought a used ps5 console a week ago. 


I created a new account and started play fifa UT. I am a casual player. Played some games, did the sbcs, was grinding the new cards. 


However a few days later I got a full EA account ban. 

I tried to dispute and wrote them an emai (if you have a banned EA account you can't find the chat option with them, I tried every trick but no...) but we all know EA, they wasn't too helpful at all, just sent me a copy paste message of the T&A 2 days later that their decision will remain. 

I really want to know the reason I got his full EA account ban, because I went through on a T&A and I did nothing wrong.

At least I want a bit more explanation from their side what's went wrong to avoid it in the future.


It's so annoying when a user needs to suffer because the EA algorithm detect something what not even happened. 

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Re: Banned EA account for no reason

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@fekveerno93  I also received this type of ban back in June. Created this account in May, several weeks later permanent ban out of the blue no reason given. Appealed many times and got generic messages in return with no specifics on why I was banned or the violation that they alleged I had committed.


Spoke to many EA advisors and they gave me conflicting information as to why I was banned in the first place.

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