Albino Wyyyschokk fight not triggering

by admiralackjay

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Re: Albino Wyyyschokk fight not triggering

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Just wanted to add, playing on PC in 2023, this is still broken.

Is there any chance of a fix?

Or, does anyone have a save file I can use to get the achievement (not sure if you need to kill them all on one save file, or if a file with just the albino spider alive on Kashyyyk would work).

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Re: Albino Wyyyschokk fight not triggering

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I’ve figured out a way to fix this, I’m sure other people have already discovered this but I thought I would say it just in case. If you have already beaten the game, you can go in to meditation training and select battle grid. Then, choose and empty slot and select the wyyyschokk den. After that, scroll all the way down and select the albino wyyyschokk. Place it anywhere on the grid and select begin training. Once you kill it here it gives you the legendary beasts achievement. Hopefully this helps!

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