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We need a new PVZ... PLEASE!

by LSutter16

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We need a new PVZ... PLEASE!

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My six year old has been obsessed with PVZ for a few years now. He beat PVZ, almost there with PVZ2, loves Heroes and Garden Warfare...BUT he craves more! PVZ3 needs to happen, PLEASE! Hopefully someone from EA sees this! Brody made his own game, but printing out pictures of zombies/plants and using dice as a battle game (on the order of Magic The Gathering). I am so proud of him, and he has so many amazing ideas. If anyone knows a good email for me to send pictures to EA,  please let me know! AND LIKE ALWAYS, FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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Re: We need a new PVZ... PLEASE!

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Sorry, we don't have any news at this time. When we do have anything we'll be sure to shout it from the proverbial rooftops. 

I'm always astounded by the creativity of the PvZ fanbase, creating a new game is really cool. If you want to send me a DM with a link to the photos, I'll pass it on to my counterparts at Popcap. They always love seeing the community's creations.



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