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Plants pending.

by CodysDad0606

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Plants pending.

★★★★ Newbie

My son has PVZ2 on his iPhone which is set up with family sharing. He has requested to buy several plants which I have approved however they are all currently sat at pending. I can’t reset to try and repurchase. Any ideas. 

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Re: Plants pending.

Community Manager

@CodysDad0606  Hi, in that case there's not a lot that can be done other than waiting. It's been about 24h now, has the purchase completed or failed? Have you been able to make purchases with the family sharing in the past?

Thank you. 

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Re: Plants pending.

★★★★ Newbie

It’s been around 10 days and still pending 

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Re: Plants pending.

Community Manager

Oh wow, can I check that the money definitely wasn't taken? If it was, please reach out to Apple support. 

If the money wasn't taken, can you try restarting your device if you haven't already? If there's some stuck memory/caching issues that should help. 

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