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Was hoping someone can help me figure this out. I bought NFS ProS couple years back and never had an issue with it. Now after i click to launch the game in Origin a small window pops up requires a login info. When i do enter my information and click on sign in it says in "red: Could not connect to the server, please try again in a few minutes."  i have been trying for a couple of minutes for a couple of days so was wondering if anyone else might now of this Sign In window and how to get rid of it in order to make the game playable again.


Thank you in advance 




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I don't know which authentication server is used for ProStreet, but some of the authentication servers have been shutdown. I think the securom server was one of these that were shutdown, which means that games that used it can't be played anymore, except for a few games where EA explained what folders / files to delete to disable trying to access the securom server. EA/Origin shutdown some services related servers sometime around March 2018, which disabled download content for some games, but I don't know if any games were made completely unplayable by the EA/Origin service shutdown. Maybe someone here can offer more details on this stuff. 




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Re: prostreet

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Ah i see. Thank you for the info RCGLDR 

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Re: prostreet

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After reading threads about other games at, it seems there's been a trend for EA/Origin games to have DLC or other special edition content disabled, not working properly or at all, and in some cases, games rendered no longer playable, which may be what has happened with the Origin version of ProStreet. There also seems to be issues with prior EA Store games that have been converted over to Origin downloads. I can understand shutting down online servers for old games, but disabling content or entire games is a troubling issue. At this point, I don't plan to buy any more games through Origin until these issues get resolved, which seems unlikely.


Getting back on topic, if you have access to a version of windows other than windows 10, you could buy a used DVD version of ProStreet, which is still working just fine. In my case, I have a multi-boot system with different versions of windows that allows me to play the older games.




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