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Shift 2: Unleashed

by cheekysod

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Re: Shift 2 unleashed limited edition for pc windows 7

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@willclamp wrote:

put disk in eagames come up hit play disk starts then stops. don't play go to autoplay the same.???

Could you clarify?  What you said isn't very clear so I have no idea if this answer is of any help.


Autorun is controlled by your operating system and not the game.  If it doesn't start right away then you have Autorun turned off.  In that case go to your File Explorer (also called Windows Explorer) and click on your optical drive letter.  Then find .exe file.  It could be called Install, Run, TheRun, Start, or Autostart among other possibiliities.  If the game is already installed then just click on the icon for the game.

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Computer Compatibility

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I have a Dell Inspiron N5030 laptop computer.  Which of the Need For Speed games will run well on it?  I tried Shift 2 Unleashed but the computer cannot handle the graphics.

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Re: Computer Compatibility

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I assume your computer is dual-core and has an integrated Intel graphics card? 

Based on that, you could try Need For Speed Undercover and anything older. See this Wiki page for the series list based on year of release-


Specifically I would try Need For Speed Underground 2, Need For Speed Most Wanted and Need For Speed World would be worth a shot too since it's free. 

Your computer's processor is still mostly enough for the NFS series but the limitation is your graphics card. Best to look out for a dedicated Nvidia or ATI graphics card for your next computer if you plan to game on it.

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Re: Computer Compatibility

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Thank you very much for your answer.  I tried Need for Speed World but it is limited to cursor keys and doesn't seem to support a controller or steering wheel. The graphics were OK though.  I want the game for my grandson and he likes to use a steering wheel.  He is pretty good with the cursor keys but prefers the steering wheel.  I will now try your suggestions and and see how it goes.  I will let you know.

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I changed my password SHIFT 2, outside the game, but in game the password is invalid?

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I changed my password SHIFT 2, outside the game, but in game the password is invalid? What can do for this problen for SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED Histnik
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Re: Shift 2 unleashed limited edition PC - autolog problem

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bump...answers? solutions? 


I'm still getting this. I want to play a game that I bought, but I just re-installed the game on a new OS - Windows 8. It is giving me this error message and all my saved progress is gone or unaccessible. 

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shift unleashed ps3

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unable to log into autolog using my email / password .       these work ok when I  log into my account.

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Shift 2 Unleashed

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Loss of FFB in windows when Alt-Tabbing back to desktop and back in game, did you not test this before releasing the game its pretty old now how has this not been fixed 

why is there loss of ffb???


(ffb = Force Feedback) in a wheel 

tested wheels 

g25 and fanatec gt2 wheel on pc

please fix this problem

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Re: Shift 2 unleashed limited edition PC - autolog problem

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I have the same exact problem and haven't been able to find a solution yet.

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NFD shift 2 unleased black box on screen.

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My need for speed shift 2 unleased has a black box in the middle of the screen for any race. I can't see where I am going through out the entire race.

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