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Shift 2: Unleashed

by cheekysod

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Re: Need for speed Shift 2 activation limit

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Please help us how to solve this problem!!

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dis-abled pin#, Shift 2 Unleashed ..

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hi .. can someone help please? .. i bought a copy of "Shift 2 Unleashed" at Best Buy and tried to install, had a crash before the program finished .. i uninstalled and tried again .. i confess i don't know a lot about computers and figure i must have done something wrong, .. i saw a message saying my pin# has been dis-abled .. i'm lost about what to do and best buy won't take it back .. thank you for any help .. dave

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Re: Need for speed Shift 2 activation limit

Community Manager (retired)


If you have reached the five machines limit for the activation code you simply need to deauthorize one of the machine.

Here is how proceed Shift 2 Unleashed


If you can't deauthorize a machine, you will need to contact our customer support team for further assistance.

Hope this helps!





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Need For Speed Shift 2 no key (Games For Windows)

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I purchased Need For Speed Shift 2 for PC on the Games For Windows Marketplace.

And having started the download I saw that there was no game activation key assigned!

Is there any way to fix this? 

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help me please

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SHIFT 2 Unleashed game was originally bought.  in the cd box the serial number is wrong, please help me..

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Re: Need For Speed Shift 2 no key (Games For Windows)

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SHIFT 2 Unleashed game was originally bought. Says the serial number is wrong, please help

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Need for Speed Shift 2 - Steering Lag patch yet??

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Whenever you take a corner in Shift 2 the lag is massive when running HDMI with 1080p but while using the VGA cable their is none. Why? and is there a fix?

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Shift 2 unleashed PC - autolog problem

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I have NFS Shift 2 and now I can't join autolog. The message I getting is this: Uncorrect password. Help me

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[Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed] Keyboard dont work on iMac

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First of nothing: WE DONT have a section of ¨Shift 2 Unleashed¨..... We have Hot Pursuti, we have World, The run and Most Wanted...but NO Shift 2 Unleashed..... amazing forum...really... Confusedmileyfrustrated:


Ok, so, i have an iMac (late) 2012 with Windows 7 via BootCamp, and when i go to start the game and i see the intro, and after i need to press ¨Start¨ but the keyboard dont work....


I tried with other keyboard and i have the same: NOT WORK...


Is really frustrating because i cant enter the game because i CANT PRESS ENTER....


This is a stupid problem....but really frustrating...


I really need a solution.


Not aislated problem:



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Re: Keyboard dont work Shift 2 Unleashed on iMac

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So...Any admin are going to reply???



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