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Shift 2: Unleashed

by cheekysod

Original Post

Shift 2 Unleashed *Steam*

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I recently purchased Shift 2 Unleashed on Steam during the Holiday sale. It ran,  as it should, for the first season & now it crashes right after loading any track & is no longer a working product after two days of use.


No changes were made to the system powering Shift 2 Unleashed. I've read many posts on Steam & a few here detailing similiar game crashes. I've read no posts here or elsewhere offering any solutions to this broken product.


Any help?

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i cant do time attack ,s & i cant get my atoulog opend up it frezzes on me ha ve to switch game of & on agin   start allover pl help this is for shift 2 unleashed atoulog

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nfs shift 2 controls very hard

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I have purchased the nfs shift 2 game for pc and my configuration are 


Windows 7 32 bit OS

intel (R) Core (TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30 GHz 

4.00 GB Ram (3.47 usable)

NVIDIA graphics card  NVIDIA GE Force GT 630


I am unable to play the game fluently. The cars are very difficult to handle.

Can someome please please help me and guide me to get the game going.

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unable to start application 0xc00007b

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hi, everybody

i own shift 2 but unalble to play due to error "0xc00007b unalbe to start app."

tried re-installation. plz help

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Need for Speed: Shift 2 DLC pack (DVD) doesnt appear in my library

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I already have the 2 other DLC versions that wont work (those just crash) and the DVD version doesnt appear in my games. I have tried getting it from the website and from the origin application but it just doesnt show up.

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NFS Shift 2: Unleashed has stopped working

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Dear EA tech/game support,



I am having a problem with NFS SHIFT 2 Unleashed - (Origin Version and Steam Version)


I am able to navigate through the menu, I select career mode, secondly, I select an event, then I click race then the loading screen of the event appears, and this is where the game crashes.

this happends in both versions. 


This is what I have tried so far (All drivers GPU, Direct X and PhysX are updated):

- Disable Origin for this game

- Adjust/Change different graphics setings

- Run in full screen and windowed mode

- Uninstall and Reinstall

- Repair SHIFT 2

- Clear Origin cache

- Run as Administrator

- Install old DirectX and PhysX that came  with the downloaded NFS SHIFT 2 Unleashed


I will be very delighted if you could create a patch to solve this problem that many customers are having. Otherwise, remove the game from the store, if you all can not fix this issue

Thank you...

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Shift2 unleashed

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On my pc (Vista) I have completed 'Modern', reached Autolog level 20, 28% career and unlocked 'Modern B' and the next three career options. However, the three career options after the first 'Modern' remain locked. How do I unlock them please.

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HELLO ! I i need help with shift 2 unleashed after i inslat the game I get a error (The activation for serial number has been exceeded ! Contact customer support for more information ) what i need to do ? thank you! 

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Need for speed 2 Unleashed Crashing on loading some tracks.

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Hi all, im at the end of all solutions to be found on the internet, the game crashes when loading the Dakotaclub track as a drift in career mode and quick race, I believe it will crash on some more tracks, im 11% into career and concentrating on drifting competitions when I came across the fault,


My PC is a


Nvidia 970 4gb

i7 920 @ 3.2ghz

18Gb RAM


2x SSDs 120gb + 240gb

1x 4Tb HDD


I have steam version and origin version and I had it on disc but activated it through origin, and have the same problem with both installations, I have tried the following fixes:


Turn Data Execution Prevention off for shift2.exe

I have lowered ALL detail settings for GPU

I have erased the config.xml file in my documents

I have deleted my save game

I have ran the game as administrator

I have rolled back Nvidia PhysX drivers to 2 different versions, 9.13.1220 and 9.13.0220

I also have done a COMPLETE uninstall of the game including  registry removal

I have had steam verify files and says it needs to download 30 files, but it never does?

Removed Steam overlay

Removed Nvidia shadow play

I have swore at it, cursed it and now at my wits end, I enjoy this game and come back to it a lot and would love to finish it and now its doing this for no reason.


All my GPU drivers are up to date @ version 347.52


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NFS Shift 2 Unleashed serial key.

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Bought this game about 2 years ago on Steam. Had 2 origin accounts, Had 2 games on different accounts. Migrated Titan Fall to same account I had BF3 on. Some how my NFS Shift 2 unleashed copy was also migrated to that account even though it was on Steam, not origin. Now my serial key doesn't work and won't allow online play. Also I think it caused the game to have some sort of weird issue where I can't even load a map without it crashing. Any idea on wtf is going on and how to fix it? Tried deactivating game code in steam, which "works" but it does nothing to fix the activation code issue or the crashing. Worked perfectly before all of this.

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