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Shift 2: Unleashed

by cheekysod

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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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Hi, Ive only just started with the Bug its asif its at certain point in the game. 

I have now tried uninstalling all windows updates in the last week and still nothing. 
You mentioned about the redistributable 2012/2013, I didnt think they was on so i installed them and still nothing. Im stumped on this problem. I also have found the Need for speed series to be ace games but rigged with bugs. I completed NFS: Most Wanted 2012 and loved it. Racking up 125 hours but this i cant even get past 42%. Its frustrating.My O/S is W7 64Bit. Now i cant seem to find the update that you have uninstalled. Must be a W8 Update.



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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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Just an update. I have just deleted the who config file in my documents for shift 2 and that still hasnt worked. Im currently downloading it on a different machine to see if its something on my machine. I will try to completly delete the game and reinstall it again. But doubt it will work. I cant even contact ea as every time i go on the chat it states that theres a wait of 35-40 mins. Well i tried it the other day and waited around and hour and half and still wasnt through. Its a joke. Its asif they wont accept the problem and just ignore anything to do with it.

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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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Good you're still trying. I'm sorry I lead you on a wild goose chase with the Windows update idea (I don't know why I got into quick race briefly after applying that idea, shortly after it started crashing again). I will give you verbose details of my steps wether or not these are what did it or some other anomaly that repaired itself I'm unaware of I don't know.

  1. First make sure all of Windows updates are installed including optional ones.
  2. Then use [cleanmgr.exe] from a command line, or the run dialog box. Cleanup at least temp folder, Windows update temp files, temp internet folders, most everything.
  3. Then I used the command prompt commands: [sfc /scannow], [dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth], [dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth], then from a command line use [chkdsk /f], type [y] and you can save the reboot for last. The "dism" module only works on Windows 8 and above.
  4. I repaired the C++ libraries 2013 x86 12.0.21005, 2012 x64 11.0.60610, 2012 x86 11.0.60610, 2013 x64 12.0.21005. Go to the programs and features section of control pannel in the search box type C++ and repair anything that has a change button and repair option. Then finally reboot. I also repaired Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition [ENU] 3.1.0000.
  5. The shift2u.exe is also in the list to exclude from error reporting. Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center\Advanced Problem Reporting Settings
  6. Also the shift2u.exe in the Shift 2's directory is in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

If you're missing C++ libraries that's highly likely the cause, and although I went through all these steps I'm sure repairing the C++ libraries was the most relevent step.


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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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Thanks for your help but that still hasnt worked. Just tried it on a W7 (Clean Install), With all latest updates and drivers installed with G3258 & GTX 750 OC 2GB and still does the same thing. So its either something to do with the installation files downloaded from origin or the saved game file thats on the cloud. But i refuse to start the game again since ive got 24 Hours already game time (Dont think its to get me to 42% though). This is a joke. What are EA doing about this as its a common bug.

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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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You didn't reinstall Windows to troubleshoot one game did you?

Maybe you're aware that often installing Windows on a HDD with any previous Windows partions doesn't always yeild the results you're intending?

There's no way you went through all those steps carefully that quickly.
I tested again this morning and all the races that were crashing before are loading correctly.

I am not convinced the bug is in your save file, or the installation.

To troubleshoot you can drag and drop the save file from C:\Users\[username]\Documents\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED\profiles\default.sav to your desktop, then start Shift 2 outside of Origin. Windows will keep shadow copies of that file in that location by default too.


I made many edits to the steps in my previous post, follow them carefully.


Losing progress in a game isn't ideal although data loss occurs in all areas of computer science. It's common with all types of input such as internet forms, e-mail, creating any type of document, and coding a program. Become skilled at attempting to recreate your work exactly the way you had it if you need to.


I'm still troubleshooting why the title crashes when I go to the find friends page of AutoLog, at least all of the races load.


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Re: Shift 2 CTD When Loading Quick Races

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I repaired any C++ libraries that had a repair option, that did some help so far.

There is still a crash when opening the find friends page of AutoLog.

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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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Thank you for your Help bmxjumperc

I didnt reinstall just for this game. I tested it on a different pc (1 that ive just built for gaming) and it did the same thing. I have now just done exactly what you said in the post previously and still no luck and it doesnt take that long to do it as i have an ssd. Now i am connecting to autolog if thatas of any use. But cant see why that would cause it. 


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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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Dont have a clue why its solved it but i uninstalled Physx drivers and restarted pc. Then installed the Physx 9.13.0604 Driver and its worked. Ive not upgraded to the latest (9.14.0702) and it seems to still work. Its mental. Hope this works for you. Oh and the physxs driver is a standalone version if that helps. 

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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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I somehow got it working too it didn't seem to be related to PhysX. Can you test the AutoLog find friends page?

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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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Ive just done that request through the game. So im afraid that seems to be an issue on your system. That could be something to do with GPU Overheating or something like that. Or just a glitch that your hardware/software config is tripping it. What are you running? and also what settings are have you got it set to in the game for Graphics?

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