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Shift 2: Unleashed

by cheekysod

Original Post

Need for Speed Shift 2

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Well actuall this is for Need for Speed Shift 2- M gamehas been playing great but Ided an unistall of digidesign Protools LE8 and when I did once I select a racki he game,  it crashes. Should have known as I have had trouble with digidesign before. There may a file called PhYsXloader.dll missing that I need to run the game?

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nfs shift 2 unleashed activation key number

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I recently installed a SSD and kept my older HDD as a secondary drive. I created a shortcut to Shift 2 onto my SSD desktop to play Shift 2 but it says I need to activate. I enter the serial number that appears on my HDD where the game is installed but it says the number is invalid/ not correct. It is the right number. How do I resolve this. All my other games work fine with shortcuts from the HDD to my new SSD desktop except Shift 2.

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shift 2 unleashed crashes on first race

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W7 64  I7 GTX980


Still I get a crash on the first race.


Any suggestions?





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Shift 2 Unleashed Multiplayer

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Hi, I have an little issue ... I bought Shift 2 on  Steam ... The game should have multiplayer according to description on Steam. When im playing game, multiplayer is nowhere in menu... Can you advise me how can i run or activate multiplayer on Steam version game ? Thanks for help and i am sorry for my English - its bad Standard smile Have a nice day.

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[ Edited ]
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English version:
I bought the game Shift 2 Unleashed in (pairs), I downloaded and installed the game, after I ran the game, after Autolog registered with the game, after avtorizvyvatsya began in Autolog, and I played a prominent message
Your message:
When installing the game key used CD "****-****-****-****-****". This key has been registered by EA, and can not be used to activate the network game features.
I contacted a couple: I was told that I speak to you.
help me voostanovitsya access to the game, I'll be very grateful to you.



Русский перевод:

Я купил игру  Shift 2 Unleashed в (пара), я скачал и установил игру, после я запустил игру, после зарегестрировался в AutoLog при помощи игры, после начал авторизвываться в в AutoLog, и мне игра выдала сообщение


текст сообщения:

При установке игры был использован ключ CD " ****-****-****-****-****". Этот ключ был зарегистрирован для учётной записи EA и не может быть использован для активации сетевых возможностей данной игры.


Я обращался в STEAM: мне ответили чтобы я обраился к вам.

помогите мне воостановить доступ к игре, буду очень благодарен Вам.


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Shift 2: Unleashed

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I cannot race online with a friend. I forgot I had a long lost Origin account. Thus, I created a new account. I downloaded the game and logged in with the new account. However, Autolog says I am online but I cannot race online. Additionally, neither account has the game on it. I purchased and used this game on Steam. What may I do to play online?

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Re: Shift 2: Unleashed

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It says that I have already used my CD, but I have never played online. It says the key has already been used from my old account. 

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Need for speed unleashed does not install

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ı have need for speed shift 2 unleashed, ı start the install from cd, but when setup wants to serial code, ı write the code and screen freeze on the activation window. what should i do to solve it?

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Shift 2: Unleashed: It ask me to activate every time I start it

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After install the game, The program ask me to activate every time I started it, but after activation, the game doesn't start, and the activation managershows I have already activation successful? What could I do to solve the problem? 

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NSF Shift 2 language not as advertised on Origin

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yep wrong location but shift 2 wasn´t in the menu


since the live chat has a waiting time of 70 mins I´ll just ask here

I just bought Shift 2 on Origin with a german account, it said that the supported languages were english, french and I think spanish

but ingame the menus are in german and there is only music no voice over sound (yes I have all sound settings set to max, and if the installer had asked me to install in english I would have) all my other games I have on origin run in english and I have origin set to english too

also for some reason eventhough I have the graphics maxed out the game looks like s**t compared to the screenshots on steam aliasing all over the place please let me know if there is a way to fix this

I would like to think that there is a way to fix these issues, because otherwhise I was lied to on origin and I would rather try to get a refund and buy the game on steam when it´s on sale

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