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Re: The Shift 2 unleashed crashes everytime

by deathspecter-09

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Re: Shift 2 Unleashed Crashes on Loading of track

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I tested it on another machine and the crash happens. I know the AutoLog window on it's own doesn't crash. Only when the find friends page opens. To get to the page on the friends tab of AutoLog press R: whereby it immediately crashes.

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need for speed shift 2 not working

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i have windows 8.1 x64 first time i run shift 2 it was working but now it was not i tried every thing pleese help

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Re: Shift 2: Unleashed

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my game crashes after starting up. intro plays well, but when i start up a race it crashes

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need for speed shift 2

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start up is ok, but when i start a race the game crashes ?

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The Shift 2 unleashed crashes everytime

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Just bought on steam


always happen when loading the first match in career mode


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Shift unleashed: How to Change Passwort in game

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I can not change my EA Password in the Game. Why?


I still use the same account.

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NFS Shift 2 unleashed product key issues

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So i went to install nfs shift 2 and it tells me ive installed it on too many computers. well guess what ive only installed it on this one computer after reinstalling my os because of certain issues which happen alot. so i cant play my game because i cant de-authorize the computer its being installed on. do i have any other options?

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Re: NFS Shift 2 unleashed product key issues

Community Manager

@youshimitsue Hi,


You will need to contact an EA Game Advisor, they will be able to assist you:


This article here describes how:


Log in with your Origin account and choose "Origin" as Product, your Platform, "Codes" as Topic and describe your issue to see all available contact options.

If there is no phone support or live chat available at the time, please scroll down below the Answer HQ box to check our live support availability for your region.


Thank you,


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Re: The Shift 2 unleashed crashes everytime

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I only did two things and it started working agin.



Download and installed the latest Nvidia PSyHX software.


Two(adjusted my video settings)

I turned on AA and turned down a few settings.


But quick race dosen't work I here looking for that fix.

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Shift 2: Unleashed

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Hi my computer is autherized to shared games in the Steam program. A roommate got on and played Shift 2 before I did, it linked the CD key to his email and now I cant log in with auto log. I was wondering if there is anything you can do because I just got this game and cant get the full futures of the game.

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