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[Resolved] - Autolog issue

by MorningTimeCloud

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[Resolved] - Autolog issue

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Hero (Retired)

I have passed this issue onto the EA Community Managers. Please wait for a responce sometime early in the week. 


Merging all threads created about this problem here to minimize the amount of topics that were made about this issue.

- MorningTimeCloud, No longer active on this site. You can contact me here.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Autolog issue

Community Manager (retired)


I am happy to report that this issue is now resolved.

If you are experiencing any other issue with Autolog, please let us know.


Thank you all for your patience.


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Can't connect to Autolog on my PS3

★★★ Newbie

it always tries to connect to autolog and fails all the time, it might have connected once.  Is there a way to just shut it off and let me just play offline without all the waiting on autolog?

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Hot Pursuit ps3 Cannot Connect To Autolog

★★★★ Novice
I have not been able to play Hot Pursuit online for several days. I keep getting an error that I am not connected to the autolog. I have reset my router and modem and have tried both a wired and wireless connection. We have this problem on both of our PS3 counsels and with either Hot Pursuit game disk. Hulu and Netflix stream perfect so I am certain it is not the internet connection speed. I really hope there is a resolution for this since it is the only game I play and I play it everyday.
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Autolog disconnecting

★★★★ Novice

It's been 3 days now the autolog constantly disconnecting on computer. Can't play in online mode too. Not my internet problem either. Please resolve this issue thank you.

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EA_Berry: Autolog has been down for 2 days..

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★★★★ Novice

I couldn't find another mods name, so I am hoping this gets your attention.


It's been like over 48 hours nobody on any system (pc, ps3, xbox360) has been able to stay connected for more than 2 minutes before getting the boot.


Are you able to relay the message to the people who can resolve this problem? The people of Seacrest County are starting to think you've shut the servers down. Whats going on?


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★★ Newbie

Why autolog kick me out?:manmad: ps3 

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Re: Autolog disconnecting

★★ Newbie

me too.  Been on the phone with EA and they have not solved issue.  All other games besides Need for Speed Hot Pursuit work for me????


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★★★ Newbie

FIX IT. I paid money for this...

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Autolog problem

★★★★ Novice

autolog for ps3 hot pursit keeps disconnecting me. I've deleted game data and reloaded from ea advice. still not working.

when is autolog going to be fixed for hot pursuit.

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Hot Pursuit ps3 Cannot Connect To Autolog

★★★★ Novice

when is autolog going to be fixed for hot pursuit for ps3?

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