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Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

by Humam2105

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Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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there seems to be a problem with the game need for speed undercover no matter what you do:

My rig:

i7 4790k

gtx 970


SSD (tried to install the game on with the same result)

HDD (tried to install the game on with the same result)



here's what I tried to do to fix the stutter/lag:

* ran the game as windows xp service pack 2

* lowered all the settings at 640x480

* uninstalled the game and reinstalled it (revo uninstaller used Standard smile )

* checked for the latest updates for my graphic card

* disabled my antivirus

* disabled my firewall

* restarted my computer

* used a third party to limit the frames per second (fps) using rivatuner statistics server

* bought the game from steam AND (AND) not only from origin and played the game twice with no luck

* redownloaded the game from steam once and from origin once (and used Revo uninstaller with no luck)

there's a step that I did which is to change the affinity of the game and remove the CPU which has been used the most, it HELPS but there's still some very annoying microstutter


* there's a picture called del.png that shows how the CPUs are being used when the game is played normally in the first part (without the set affinity thing) but the drop in the cpu usage is as a result of setting the affinity


BTW, I talked with an agent who was supposed to help me (but he * me up in the end and ended the conversation because he was a * idiot) but he didn't and closed the conversation right away, you can see the conversation in the attachments if you have further questions... (enlarge it, don't worry it will still be clear to read from it)

Note: I reported this 3 times in the live chat and no one helped me ...


anybody EXPERT please help...

please don't send me silly answers like: check your windows for viruses or whatever

I also attached my dxdiag file so that you can check it out...


I think this is something purely related to the game itself and there should be an update to fix this (if you guys don't wish to make an update for this game then I would like to have a refund because you guys are LAZY to fix it).

you can check this to see that this something common with this game:

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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

Community Manager



You have a couple of issues here. Your Dxdiag shows bluescreen events, Windows Kernel events and a crash of another game.


A few steps to try:


Let us know how you get on after these items, thanks.


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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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I've tried what you suggested, nothing helped me:

  • Run your hardware a stock clock speeds
    I'm already.
  • You have a decent CPU so the affinity stuff is not necessary
    it was suggested by some people and it worked for them
  • Run System File Checker to ensure the integrity of your Windows System files:
    lready tried that, yes I have a problem with it (it gave me an error) but I don't think it has anything to do here, because I play the next generation of games normally:
    witcher 3, Nfs most wanted (2012), Left 4 dead 2, killing floor 2, COD: infinite warfare, and so many other games work just fine...
  • Install any available important Windows Updates
    regularly do that
  • Perform a clean boot before starting the game:
     always mess around with msconfig to see if I have anything unusual.


My pc is good, and it is running properly, please contact the team responsible for this issue to make an update to the game (because it worked fine on Pentium 4 processors) and now it doesn't work well with newer generations of processors (one thread is maxing out).

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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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I've attached a picture for you to check to know how many people are having the same issues as I am....

btw: it's very hard to convince you guys that there's a problem within the game..

look at these comments of those people PAID for the game and they're not able to play it normally..

if you guys aren't going to fix this, I require a refund because that's something I have the right to do

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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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UPDATE: I tried this game on 3 PCs until now and I'm having the same lag and graphical issues on the 3 PCs...

I talked with a live agent and he said origin isn't responsible for a refund because they simply didn't sell me the game

so I'm stuck with you guys to fix the game for me because me and other people are having the same problem over and over with different PCs

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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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If you run the game through origin you shouldn't really have a problem.
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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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When the game lags, does the screen turn bluish? If so, this is a graphics issue with Undercover not being able to keep up, especially in areas with lots of buildings like Palm Harbor.


Some players also reported a game aspect as lag. If you use an analog controller, the game penalizes the player if a car touches something off track, which slows the car down and reduces control inputs for about 1 second or so. Contact with other cars doesn't trigger the slowdown, only contact with stuff like the walls on the side of a track. The slowdown doesn't happen if you use a digital controller, and instead the game tends to speed up the car for a short time. For a digital controller, using the handbrake for a brief moment can also speed up a car (game bug).


There are two patches for Undercover: patch, and patch Patch adds a challenge series, which when completed (if all gold), rewards three special tier 1 cars: Dominator Z06, Speed Machine 911, and Battle Machine RX7 . The challenge series can be run before doing career mode, allowing a player to use any of those three special tier 1 cars for career mode.


Getting back to the bluish screen lag issue:


It's possible that patch fixes this. The last patch was, but I don't see it at ea downloads.


You can do a web search for find patch for Undercover. I have the US version, so my patch is NFSU_v1.0.1.18_enUS.exe.


There is also a registry setting that might help, changing "g_perf", from 0 to 2 may help with the lag.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA Games\Need for Speed Undercover]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA Games\Need for Speed Undercover]


The patches and/or the g_perf... changes fixed the bluish screen lag, which I now only get if I'm recording using something like fraps.



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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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It has always had this problem of lag and freezing up.It is not your rig it is the game and  it freezes up when you want  to tune you car up like tune up the tires or body kits.It all freezes up on you.It has always probably on the PC version.The patch is no good as some pursuit barriers are missing and it the whole car stats are wrong.This game needs a big fix which it has yet to get.It was just a rushed game by EA on Part of Black Box.


I am a Veteran player of NFS.I retired after World went down as the car stats could never be fixed played it when it went live and stopped when the servers went down,


There really needs to be a good fix for  Undercover.

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Re: Need for speed Undercover LAG issues

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your solution didn't work.. as for all the solutions .. problem persists and i don't think EA cares enough about this...

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