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Bring back older Need For Speed titles (for free!)

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Re: Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed: Underground 2

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I am not sure if it is available in all markets, but I did see it on Amazon US when checking earlier.
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Where is I can buy Need for Speed: Underground?

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Where is I can buy Need for Speed: Underground in Russia (Disc version) or digital version?


Hello. For last time I decide to buy Need for Speed: Underground. But this is not so easy. First, this game have not own support page in other (other countries) versions of EA site. Second, NFSU & NFSU2 have not digital version in origin or such internet shops. AND THIRD, I'm from Russia and there no one shop (real or internet) have not in sale 1 part of NFSU. NFSU2 there is as version of "EA classics".

I found NFSU on amazon, but this is international version, not localyzed. So, now in Russia there is "EA Russia" I decide to ask them. But I don't know how. I can't find some email.

May be there someone give me contacts of EA, or help with purchase of NFSU Wink

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2/Undeground/Underground 2

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I used to play these games as a kid in our local play room. I was wondering if it's possible to purchase a digital version or a disk version straight from EA. I would really love to replay and own these games. Standard smile


Kinda wish these games were on Origin or something.

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Bring back older Need For Speed titles (for free!)

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you should rerelease nfsu, nfsu2 and so on up until lets say nfs: carbon. release on origin as a free bundle or free release or something. i want to play those older games but theyre just not on origin for download.
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Will EA Ever Add The Need For Speed Underground Series To Origin

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Will it ever happen yes the game will look a bit dated but I had fun with NSU2 a lot on PS2, I would love to actually see NFSU3 on todays systems about time it went back to it instead of all this rivals rubbish, how about adding a port of BLACK as well your sitting on some treasured gems EA heck even games from the SEGA Mega Drive could be on your store too.

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Need for Speed: Underground running three monitors

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Have been running the game for years with one monitor, now have three all spanned giving resolution of 5760x1200  game only plays on one screen. how do I change this?

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