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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

Original Post

Need For Speed ProStreet Problems

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Hi, I have recently purchased Need for Speed ProStreet, and am having problems. The main problem is me not being able to proceed after a race, the other problem is the game starting on the lowest settings everytime I open it. Can someone please help, I love this game and want to play it again, Thanks.

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Re: Need For Speed ProStreet

Community Manager

@logos3773 wrote:

I just ordered and paid for this game and I'm now being ask for a product code that was to be attached to the conformation.  There is no product code so that I can download this game into my computer from online...  Frank

Please restart your Origin client and click on Origin > Reload My Games.

Next navigate to "My Games". You should find the game in there, right click them and choose "Show Game Details". Your product code will be listed on the right hand side.

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Uploading permission on YouTube for Need For Speed Prostreet

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Hello EA, I plan to make a walkthrough of NFS Prostreet and probably some videos for fun. I don't plan to use the videos for profit, just to make videos for fun or simply just a walktthrough so may I please have permission to upload NFS Prostreet gameplay onto my Youtube channel?

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Re: Uploading permission on YouTube for Need For Speed Prostreet

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Community Manager

Heya, please send an email to including your youtube channel and a short description of what you want to use it for.




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Re: Uploading permission on YouTube for Need For Speed Prostreet

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Thanks, this'll help a lot

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Re: Need for Speed: ProStreet

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In 6 years.till There is no solution for game glitch after the race is finsihed,no help by the ea support( they want the reciept of the game 5 years ago when purchased,showed the product code,case and cd,though the EA is not satisfied) And told to search EA Help or forums.

Any help here!!!

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need for speed prostreet for wii

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why won't it let me enter the code???

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Need for Speed Pro Street

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I purchased Need for Speed Pro Street a while back and I am just now playing. The game runs fine with the exception of 2 issues. 1) The game will continuously scroll through the menu and the only way that I can slow it down is to press gently on the gas pedal to allow me to select an option. and 2) after a race and the points are displayed I can no longer continue. Its like the game freezes but I still hear sound and the screen is still displayed and the continue button is lit and I have mouse function. I was able to race the battle machine races but when I went on to the next set of races that's when it locked up, froze or what ever you it. I am running windows 8.1 with the latest video, sound and Logitec Driving Force GT wheel drivers. I have tried multiple installs and still get the same results. I also downloaded the booster pack and still the game does this. Has anyone run across this problem and is there a fix?


System AMD Phenom X3

Nvidia GTX 550 TI (no sli)

Sound blaster X-Fi

16 gig ram


thanks for anyone that can help.


thank you.


So my conclusion at this point is that this game is still available to purchase either by download or in my case but yet EA has no solution or offers any support for the continued lockups and other issues this games. I am real dissappointed in EA. I have purchase many EA games titles throughout the years and by far this one takes the cake. Seriuosly EA for those of us who want to play this game develop a fix so we can enjoy this racing game. Probably EA will release a new version for a revamped Pro Street like they did with Most Wanted for customers to purchase....sad

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Need for Speed Pro Street

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So my question here is for EA....We need support for this game. I like many other customers are experiencing the "continue button" issue where we can not advance after a race. Is EA going to fix this or are we to just scrap the game.

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Need for speed Pro Street installation

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For some reason i can't install Need for Speed Pro Street through Origin. It keeps telling me the group14.bat file is missing/corrupt. I have tried the chat option and they weren't able to help me. Hopefully there is somebody out there who could please help me out. Thank you

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