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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

Original Post

x-box need for speed prostreet

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Hi gamers,

I have a problem that I want to be solve if anyone

I purchase the game need for speed prostreet form the 

x-box market , Now Im a huge fan playing online especially racing games

but one problem I can't log in EANATION ACCOUNT I try to change accounts from my ps3 to 

my X-box but it wont allow me to log in ....

Can someone please help me??????????

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Can not play Need For Speed Pro Street single player

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Hello,  I can not play NFS Pro Street single player.  When I click "play" it asks me to login to my EA account.  I enter my username and password, and it says " can not connect right now, please try later."  I do NOT want to play this game online, I want to play it by my self, on my own computer.  I have tried installing the game in several different file locations and it still does not work.  I play this game on my laptop so I know that it works.  I just want to play it at home on my desktop.


Thank you

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when a try to start the game , with origin , after the login again appears :


this dialog:


Als je deze game wilt starten , moet je je eerst bij EA Download Manager aanmelden om te bevestigen dat je de eigenaar bent en het dan opnieuw proberen



what i have to do to fix it?


sorry for my bad english.

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Re: ORIGIN : NFS PRO STREET CAN't start game

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i got the same problem tride to login whit my acount but dident work tryde to reinstal it but dident work either

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NFS ProStreet LAN Launcher Error - "Game server (rebroadcaster) process exited [1]"

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I bought NFS Prostreet to be able to LAN with my son.


On his computer he can run the LAN server and connect to it 


On mine, the file Rebroadcasterlan.exe closes and makes the server stop working


On top of this, the game itself will not try to connect to any LAN games (almost as if something is stopping any networking from taking place)


We are both on the same network - I have completely disabled my firewall 


I even completely wiped the computer and started fresh - the error still remains


I ran the rebroadcasterlan.exe file through CMD to see the error it was receiving and it provided: failurereason [CouldNotInitializeDataConnection]




God Bless


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Re: NFS ProStreet LAN Launcher Error - "Game server (rebroadcaster) process exited [1]"

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Any ideas? I really would like to play : )

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Re: NFS Pro Street -- Could not connect to the server

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how do you do all that like native play

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Re: Need For Speed ProStreet

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I just ordered and paid for this game and I'm now being ask for a product code that was to be attached to the conformation.  There is no product code so that I can download this game into my computer from online...  Frank

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Re: Need For Speed ProStreet

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Re: Need For Speed ProStreet

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A majority of questions about game code numbers are outside the scope of AHQ, for which the Sidebar announcement may apply: 


For any account maintenance, persona assistance or code related queries, please Contact Us using the Help Center.



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