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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

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Need for Speed ProStreet

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I've been searching all over the internet and seems like people get all sort of issues with this game, except the one I'm having:

The game seems to work pretty fine(except is not recognizing my graphics card and starts with the lowest configuration, but I can always change it) until I end the first race, and then at that screen that shows my points and cash I've earned, when I try to hit the 'next' button, it does that ''click'' sound but nothing happens. It doesn't crash nor anything, it just looks like the 'next' button is not working!

I've tried with all sorts of races available at the beginning of the game, with the joystick on and off, on compatibility mode, without the punkbuster feature, and nothing works.

Can anyone help me out with this?

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nfs prostreet not able to connect to ea nation

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My son is trying to play NFS Prostreet but it will not login to EA nation so that he can utilize a car that he purchased on PS store.  Do you have any solution to this problem.  Please help.

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NFS Prostreet-can't activate

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When I run the game, I should enter e-mail and password, but I have message "unable to connect to EA servers".Already tried entering my origin account and pogo
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registering pro street

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hello. i just remembered i have old game (pro street). i found it after few years and i was looking forwards to register it... however i found no way to register these days so i cant play multiplayer even when i have bought it when it was new :P


can anyone help me how to register it? when i try to do so through game, it says i need to be logged in. (how can you log in when you are not registered and you need to be logged in for registration?...)

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nfs pro street

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Every time I try to play nfs pro street it says" the file you are attempting to load is of a version different than your current game title. An update to your game title may be available''. I play on the xbox 360. What do I do to fix it?

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Need for Speed: ProStreet

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Не могу соединится с сервером EA Nations. Когда починят?

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nfs prostreet

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I downloaded nfs prostreet and the game hangs on the "make alias" screen.

Is there a patch for this game?


Windows 7 pro 64bit



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Re: nfs prostreet

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Won't be much help here.. it's the SimCity 2013 AHQ. Pro Street is getting old. You could try the NFS AHQ though.

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code not registration.

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Among them, however, "Need For Speed: ProStreet" game not registration.

The error name is  "Code is wrong."

Why does my code is wrong?

In this situation, the inquiry was in the Amazon,

Answer was told to contact the EA .

What I do in this situation?

When can I get the registration code.?

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I purchased Need for Speed ProStreet through Origin and when I try to play it tells me to log into the EA download Manager

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I purchased Need for Speed ProStreet through Origin and when I try to play it tells me to log into the EA download Manager.

I go to the EA DownloadManager site and login and it shows I purchased the game. How can I fix this?

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