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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

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Re: NFS ProStreet - cannot lunch the game (looks like the problem with legacy games vs origin)

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my friend mashed the case to my prostreet he only gave me the disk is there a way to by pass this

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Re: NFS ProStreet - cannot lunch the game (looks like the problem with legacy games vs origin)

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If you see the following error, your game has likely been downloaded and installed on three other computers already.


The game cannot start. In order to launch this game, please login to Origin to verify your ownership, then try again.


According to the End User License Agreement, which can be found by opening Origin, highlighting your game and selecting Game Manual: "You may only have the game installed on three computers at any given time."



If you are sure you have not installed the game on a fourth computer, please clear your license files located at

  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PACE Anti-Piracy\License Files and delete all the files in that folder. Once you log in a new one will be created.


Be sure your system time and date are correct to your geography.

You may need to check the time stored on your system CMOS as well as the time in the Windows operating system. 

To adjust the time on your system CMOS, please check with your system manufacturer or consult your owner's manual. 

To change the time in Windows:


  1. Right-click the clock that shows on your Windows Taskbar.
  2. Select 'Adjust Date/Time.'

If you don't see the system time on the taskbar:

  1. Right-click your Windows Taskbar and select Properties.
  2. When the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties applet appears, select the 'Taskbar' tab is selected.
  3. Be sure that the 'Show the clock' check box is selected.
  4. Click OK.

The clock should now appear opposite of the Start button. You can now check and edit the time easily as described above.


Please note: Online features and services for this title have been discontinued.

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Re: nfs prostreet not able to connect to ea nation

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Need for speed pro street

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I bought nfs pro street but if i start pro street i had to login with my ea-account to activate it. But if i want to login the server are down.

Felix Gerling
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NFS Pro Street profile issue

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Every time I play Pro Street, I have to restart the game or my Xbox because it won't read my profile. This happens every time. It says the profile I'm trying to load is compatible with the game title or something like that. I can't play because of it. I didn't know how to make it stop doing that and I don't want to restart again because it keeps doing it and I don't want to lose my progress.
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Can't Play NFS Pro Street

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I recently purchased Need for Speed Pro Street from Origin Store. I downloaded and installed it, but when i open the game it asks me to Insert email and password but after this it says me "In order to launch this game, please login to the EA Download Manager to verify your ownership, then try again." and then the game will close and i can't play. What i've to do?

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I have a problem with need for speed pro street. The game is in English but I'm Italian. Can I have my language?

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need for speed prostreet game does not respond past certian races after finish

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when i compete in challenge days and race days in carrier mode, sometimes with drift and drag tracks the game does not go past the "you won" screen. the sound still plays and i can save shadows, but pressing enter does not get me past the "you won" screen. restarting also does not work and i have to force close the game.

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 I purchased nfs prostreet a while back and i cant download it 

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Re: downloading a need for speed game

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What's stopping you?  (You gave no details, so no one can try to help). 


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